Friday, August 14, 2009

****It's our Birthday: Me n My twin****

So it's totally my birthday and what a coincidence that it's my 50th Blog post. Wow! I totally remember when I'd blog once a month lol.. I love the blog fam so much! You the best! I'm totally tempted to do something cheezy like, make a story with blog names... but that's takin my e-armedrobberism to another level and I totally won't.
Thanks for all the comments.
Thanks for accompanying me into my twenties. I can't believe it. I'm 20 today and I suddenly feel like I need to be achieving more and making plans for my future. With Dione Mauve in the bag, I feel I'm starting and with my Make-Up, hopefully I'm growing.
My twin n I are on a way to a bright future by God's grace. And we are getting married on the same day! I figure, my dad will only have to cry once. Dunno if the traditional wedding will be together though. We'll see. So,

20 Quick thanks
1. To God for my life 2. To the Parents for love and sacrifice and to the fam for love, anger, laughter and tears 3.To Debs-lee because she`s simply the best little sister any cougar can be an example for. 4. To JB for being him 5. To you bloggers for sharing a part of me 6. To friends for loving me and caring 7. To Frenemies: Ummm 8. To my co-workers for making work not seem so so bad 9.To my High school the best ever 10. For success in school 11. To the models in all my photoshoots 12. For a roof over my head 13. To McDonald's for wonder ful 14. For Twix, Sun Chips and sour gums for the couple of pounds on my hips 15. For Afro kinky, the perfect hair-do ever 16. For the talents, I'm blessed with 17.For my sewing machine, creating purses and outfits 18. For my laptop and all our late nights! 19. My Camera for the memories I can now treasure 20. To just living and loving life in the best way I can.

So I tried to get my sister to blog; and if you know her, you'll know that she refused flat-out. But here are pictures of us this year. Thank God for his mercies!!


Thanks and have a blessed weekend!


Lolia said...

Happy birthday my Beautiful! I'm very proud of you and the lovely lady you have become and continue to be everyday.
My prayer is that God continues to guide, bless and keep you always and that you remain an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with.
I love you and Ifeoma always and always and always!


Tinu said...

Happy birthday to and ur sis!!!
May God continue to bless and guide you,many many many more fabulous years for both of you!!

Sugabelly said...

Happy Birthday. You both look gorgeous.

Lolia said...

That said, *sigh*, this first business is becoming a bit too easy...Everyone else is slacking hehe :)

And lol @ twix and sunchips!


Nice Anon said...

Happy birthday to you. You look great in your photos.

bob-ij said...

Lolia: Amen. Thank you so so much! Reformed from short-hair Loyola even though the hair is still resilient. And I know you're just the best!

Tinu: Amen Amen Amen. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Sugabelly:Thanks.. :D

Nice Anon:Thanks and Thanks!


Chari said...

wow didnt realize u had a twin!

mehn happy birthday oh....may God hold you by your hand and take you to that 'hood of fulfilment in all that you do, kiddo...

btw many happy returns oh!

~Sirius~ said...

Happy Birthday...........Many more years with fulfilled heart desires.

GGO said...


Gee said...

awww ijoema nd ifeoma...oh i do miss u lovely girls!
too bad i culdnt be in ott this summer as i had originally planned!
hve a funfilled bday loves!!!

LG said...

lov'ly pics
*Happy birthday, may God grant ur heart desires (amen
Now where's dat cake????????? :-)

StandTall-The Activist said...

Happy birthday to these gorgeous and fabulous ladies!

AJ said...

Happy birthday to both of ya!

leggy said...

happy birthday to both of you

ChinChin said...

Happy Birthday IJ!
Wish you both an awesome amazing day!

Donald said...
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bob-ij said...

Chari: LOL Hold me by the hand... thanks a lot though! I do oh! I have a twin!!

Sirius: Amen; even though there are many!

GGO: Hurry back jo! ah ah we miss you. Hope you're having fun though!

Gee: I know it's all good. We shall see you another time. LOL Thanks so much!!

LG: thanks oh! Ah all theses prayers, I am truly blessed. And umm.. the cake shall be sent your way! lol


bob-ij said...

StandTall:Aww thanks a milli!

AJ: Thank you

Leggy: Thanks even though I've left my

ChinCHin: Amen our birthday may be awesome just cuz of your best wishes!


Good Naija Girl said...

Happy birthday to you and your twin, Ij! Wishing you all the best in the next 20, 40, 60 and 80 years in Jesus' name!

Penelope said...

awww happy birthday!! I llove sunchips and ur pictures r cute!! didnt kno u had a twin!!
God bless boo...x

bob-ij said...

GoodNaijaGirl: Amen oh!! Thank you for the prayer!!

Penelope: I do oh!! Lol thanks a billion. And I do love sunchips!!!

Vera Ezimora said...

Happy birthday, ejima!!! Awww, y'll are so cute!! Hehehe.

I'll tell people to dash you both to me as pets. LOL

GiDiPwInCeSs said...

happy birthday dearie!!!!!!!!! welcome to the twenties!!!!i hope you guys have the most amazing time today!!! its friday so party like theres no tomorrow!!! wishing you and your twin the very best in life!!! love the pictures!! you guys look amazing!!!!

Mz. Eniola said...

Happy bdayyy!now i want to b 20 too so i can feel all d yummy stuff :( haveee loads of fun...nd may God keep granting ur heart desires!

*Diane* said...

happy b-day to you lovely ladies! you guys are sooo cute!!i hope it was fantastic!

histreasure said...

Happy Birthday, girl...awwww, so thee's two of you!! that's cool and your pics are fab..
Wish you a glorious new year

BSNC said...

awwww so you are a twin too. Happy birthday to you and your sista.


Princess said...

I love you both very very very much. Yes, I must sound like a broken record at this point! Always remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made, God's own masterpiece and I am always rooting for you both! Bisous!
Ps Ifeoma the stingy twin refused to give you the phone when I called at midnight! Lol.

Bibi said...

you both look gorgeous. happy bday and have fun with it. must be nice to have a twin right?

bob-ij said...

Vera: LOL We are a lot to handle oh..ah ! Thanks a lot though!

Gidipwincess:LOL thanks thanks! Yes oh. Thankd goodness it's friday. Last one was a thursday. On my way out soonest!!!

Mz Eniola: Trust me boo, you don't want to be! It's a huge does of more fooling thanks a lot! Wish I could invite you to Mavericks.. :(

Diane: Thanks a lot. It was nice. Full of surprises. Good good birthday!!

bob-ij said...

BSNC: You're just realising. And I've been telling you since... ah ah. I am totally a Thank you!

histreasure: lol @ there's two of us...hehehe is that good or bad, Thanks a lot though!!

Princess: Thanks, don't mind the mango head And I was even wide Thankd you for all the prayers and support. Luv u!!

Bibi: Well what can I say?? It has its ups and downs...All in all it is a blessing. thank you or the wishes!!


BSNC said...

lol i know you have been telling, but i thought its blogsville now( you know how everybody is a twin to the other

this is too cute, lol okay i will stop now..

Tay-mee said...

Happy belated birthday!!
You both look fab!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! God bless!

mizchif said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both.

August babies rock!!!

bob-ij said...

BSNC: lol!! hehehe you're talking about the We're the real deal and my own is also WSNC(isn't that the name of urs?) Lol don;t stop jo we must flaunt our twinness!

Tay-mee; thanks a milli. The thought is golden!!

anon: Merci beaucoup!

mizchif. We really are the ish!...yay!


Buttercup said...

Happy belated birthday to the both of you! Sowee I'm late, hon. Hope you had a fab day? Wish you all the success and happiness you deserve! Mwah!

Original Mgbeke said...

Awwwww happy happy birthday to you and your twinnie. August babies are the absolute bestest. I wish you many many more years...I'm sure your 20's will be tons of fun! :-) said...

I was loving y'all from the overseas... hope you guys had a blast... I trust you sha!!!

Pix soon yea?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday twinnies, I knew your sister had to be pretty, after seeing your pics...Keep up the natural look, Afro kinky rocks!!