Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SOS: Plague of the Heels

…Click! Clack!
…Click! Clack!

Oh no… Another night class.
She’s here again…
With her heels. Those heels!

The sound drives me nuts. Each time I hear it, I hope it’s not her, but it is. She’s stalking me or maybe it’s just her heels. Maybe they want to drive me to insanity. The class turns to see who has the nerve to interrupt their lesson. The sounds echo in the empty corridor.

Click! Clack!

Why is the corridor of a university with about 20,000 students empty? Because she’s late. She is always late. At least 15 minutes late to every class. If she was early, the voices and the bustle will drown her incessant heels. Then maybe I would be able to follow my professor’s lecture;

“Y=AKᾱ Lᾱ ….” Click! Clack!
“F- max distribution….” Click! Clack!

Arrgh! I give up…..

She is ME. LOL… Yes Ij! I’m one of those girls with noisy shoes that always disrupts small single-entry classes. I try. I promise. I wear ‘flats’ (Well, with teeny heels) then I wear boots (high-heeled :D), but they all make noise. I don’t know what to do. I try to walk slowly…doesn’t help. I try to walk on my toes but risk looking foolish :S. I am not the victimizer. I am a victim, a victim of the “PLAGUE OF THE HEELS”. Help!

And I give up too.

P.S. This was just an over-exaggerated way of expressing that I need to find a silent-heel mechanism…lol…HELP

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Michelle Obama, my new look and other tales……

Michelle Obama
’s dress sense is very refreshing. It shifts away from the conventional pantsuits and plain dress suits. She represents the dressing of the everyday woman and the fact that she’s relatively tall and full-figured challenges her and limits her choices. Kudos to the First lady for killing it every time. And people who dislike it do not understand the concept. What makes it better is her choice of young designers, which makes a lot of sense. Why shed light on the already big ones and leave the little ones unnoticed. Michelle is a true hero of style.

As Michelle remodels looks, I remodel mine. I gave up trying to be cool and succumbed to the limitations of my eyesight…i.e. …I’m back to wearing glasses! Not exciting, but I realized looking like a geek has its advantages.
I do not need to wear make-up because the glasses swallow my face :D yay!

Hence, I have a new-found obsession for lipstick. Not red though being that I’m somewhat a school dresser, it might seem too much. So I have settled for a deep purple, soft pink lips and dark brown (I assure it is nice).

Let’s move on.

With the New Year came a new source of leisure for many Nigerians in the form of Gossip Girl Naija a.k.a No comment on that, I’ll leave that to you. What do you think?

Recently, I’ve also been inspired by the growing presence of Nigerian designers like JD7 and Vlisco(the pics above) (I learned of Vlisco and JD7 on These designers make Ankara look like high fashion and that’s what it should be because it is our style and we need to embrace it. I began to sense this fusion of “Africanity and Modernity” last year and it has given birth to something I cannot wait to share. Be patient, It’s coming.

Those are my tales. Let me get back to class (lol)


Sunday, January 18, 2009


... 2009 is a GOOD year

1. I survived a DELTA AIRLINES flight::: Lagos-Atlanta-Montreal journey with my suitcases in tact and on time. NO happy tales about this besides my luggage because 101/2 hours from Lagos to Atlanta was hell. From the baby sitting behind me kicking my chair all flight long making sleep impossible, to the fact that we were fed in the first hour and left for the rest of the duration of the flight (well before the last 30minutes) to eat peanuts that we had to walk all the way to the back of the plane to get (smarter people brought their rice and chicken on board). *sigh* if I had known.

2. I changed my BLOG LAYOUT ::: Yay!...I felt like it was time for a change, no more black. I need some color in my life…. Feedback please…Better or worse? (Please be nice :D)

3. I GOT A NEW PAIR OF BOOTS ::: I was unexpectedly and delightfully presented with a new pair of boots to brace the harshness of Ottawa’s -38 degree Celsius winter days.

4. NEPA PARTY 2009::: Never Expect a Party like this Again (NEPA) is here for the fourth time so I guess you can expect a party like that again or even better… lol. It’s happening on the 28th of February in Ottawa, Canada…I cannot wait to piece my outfit together… :D.

5. HUDSON RIVER MIRACLE::: If that is not a good sign that God is definitely blessing us this year, then I don’t know what is. During the safety instructions I always listen but I assumed in case of a water landing we’ll be dead. But, I guess not thanks to Chesley Sullenberger and his crew.

6. MY GPA went up::: After a somewhat irritating fall in my GPA, it is back up. Big thanks to my programming for Business students’ class.

7. MY FABULOUS HOLIDAY::: There’s no way to explain my holiday pleasurable moments. From meeting new people, to reuniting with others, to the fun nights out, to hanging out with family, I couldn’t ask for a more relaxing and renewing holiday. This was the best Christmas yet.

8. I plan to STOP BITING MY NAILS::: If you know me well this has been a New Year’s resolution for the last 9 years, but this time it is for real…( as I said before lol). Well, I’m going to try, I promise.

9. SENATOR BARACK OBAMA makes history::: Sen. Obama will be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America and the first black man in USA history to be President. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, Obama made it a reality. “YES WE CAN”.

10. I HAVE BIG PLANS::: Very big plans for me this year. I will probably be letting some out in the next month. I promise. I can’t wait for this year to happen.

xoxo Bloggers and spread the love!!