Friday, May 29, 2009

~*Faux Moi et My Struggle with my hair*~

...To the real french speakers, please forgive me if the title is grammatically incorrect. I'm a struggling Ex-French-Speaker; but you get the point.

Here I am typing and my nails are in the way... Umm did I say "My" Nails, since you know that I am a
Chronic Nail-biter "My" will not even begin to explain what these plastic things attached to my fingers are. This short trip I had, my cousin was overwhelmed at the artificial-ness of us ladies. A real eye-opener; I think it was triggered by the whole primer foundation thing. He said it was like using a paint brush to paint a wall. LOL I laughed so hard it was crazy. And before we go out, it was "Ijay hurry and put on your FACE!" Damn! It's crazy how much we put things on ourselves that are not ours. Ladies you feel me? The boys cut their hair and are set, we paint on PRIMER-FOUNDATION-POWDER-SCULPTING POWDER-EYE SHADOW&EYE SHADOW& EYESHADOW & EYESHADOW-LIQUID EYELINER-KOHL LINER-EYE LASHES-MASCARA-BRONZER-BLUSH-LIP LINER- LIP GLOSS- LIP STICK-etc.

My cousin actually likened using Make-Up to painting a wall. Ouch! And he promised to write a book on the 85% fakeness of females. I tried to explain that these products were just enhancers but it didn't work. So here's my thinking when do we have on so much artificial elements or Make Up that we literally stop being us? I look like a "kid" without Make Up on and with it, Voila!!! I'm a Damsel.

How about the fake nails? For me, they're only a catalyst to make me stop the nail biting. Plus they lengthen my "stubby" fingers. But, the biggest struggle in my "Faux-sity" is my HAIR! Extensions in, Extensions out. Long, short, curly, wavy, straight. Human hair, synthetic, kanekalon..... Name it. Been there. It's not that I hate my real hair, I just can't tame it to do what I want.
But yeah, my hair doesn't conform. I can't even get a sleek and stylish hair cut unless I go for a super short boyish cut because it's uneven. After constant discussions about hair, I have decided to go NATURAL. *Applause Here*
Ok hold your applause, I'm not doing it the usual way and cutting my hair, I can't it will be too traumatizing. Instead I'm going to braid/weave my hair till the ends fall off. I'm somewhat excited because from what I hear, it's easier to manage. I just hope I don't quit half way and just relax it cuz I'm bored and impatient. Oh well, time will tell.

P.s. In a step toward naturality, I braided on Afro-kinky twists *myHUMBLEself* after a full day of twisting. Here's what it looks like.

P.p.s. I almost took out my eye yesterday with a pair of scissors. It really was the scariest two minutes of my life and I was shaken afterward. Don't panic though because God had mercy on me and I'm safe.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hey Fam,

I've been MIA cuz I'm in Louisiana. It was my cousin's graduation last week and I just had to be there. She had a Sephora appointment but missed it {due to our Family madness}. I whipped up Smokey eyes really quick and it turned out NICE!

Anyhows, as I was trooping through the mall yesterday and I saw one of those sales stands. It had a big plasma screen that said Electronic cigarette; that definitely had my attention. Apparently,

"It Looks like a cigarette, Feels like a cigarette, Taste like a cigarette, But it is not a cigarette"

I stopped to ask the Sales Rep about it even though I'm neither a smoker nor a big fan of smoking. It's so shocking what companies are taking advantage of. This E-cigarette is supposedly to help you stop smoking, which I highly doubt because it still contains NICOTINE! The Rep said that the company will progressively cut back the amount of Nicotine contained in the E-cigarette till it becomes zero. the Cigarette was plastic and it lit up and the smoke came out.

Honestly technology is crazy, it looked super-cool. And for a not smoker like me to find this uber-fabulous, the only trend this company is modifying is increasing the number of smokers. What then is the point of this E-cigarette, well, it eliminates Second-hand smoking. Huge AMEN to that; who wants Lung cancer because people around them are smoking?

Ok, Now my message is out, I'm going shopping! Plus I'm kinda loving the whole "deuces" movement, blame it on "The Game".... It's so sad that it's canc
eled, but at least my addiction is

Plus Do you ever feel like you're glowing. Not with bronzer, but really glowing are looking bright. I looked into the mirror and I saw this , I think it's because of my family. I love my family so much and it makes me so happy when we catch up.

Have a lovely week people.

~*Beauty is in the Unity of Family*~

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Make-Up : Tips from My Lips Vol 3.0 {[VIDEO]}

It's a time again to spread some B.O.B. Make-Up love. Yes, I did it. I did a video Make-Up tutorial. There's a problem though, the volume is kind of low so you might need to turn down surrounding sounds. SORRY! Next time, I promise to speak a lot louder. Blame it on the NERVES! Plus I'm suffering some weird allergy symptoms so my voice is a bit croaky. I threw caution to the wind and did the video eitherways all for the love of my bloggers. I hope I get better soonest! :D

Make-Up : Tips from My Lips Vol 4.0 {[VIDEO]}
So,I always go on and on about eye-liners being an essential Make-Up tool. And I must sound like a broken record, so this video justifies my repetition. I didn't use any eye shadow! Hope you like it. It's my first video so "gentle" critiques are welcome.

These are pictures of the end product. It's not too drastic, just a look for going for a formal dinner. Looking sultry and not over-done.


~*Beauty is beyond perception*~

Sunday, May 3, 2009

~*The Battle of the Regions*~

Each season brings new directions, new blog layouts, new opportunities, new aspirations and new beginnings. This season is no different; everything will come in due time.

First things first, with Bumight's post on JAB and Original Mgbeke's post
of Stuff Britigerians/Naija people like, I had to jump on the band wagon. Don't look surprised, I warned you before, I am an E-armed Robber. *smile* but you know me, I steal in style. This time, I had to "Take it to the Streets". Not literally, I just asked people I know about the physical triggers that confirm ; Yankee Nigerian Babes {YNB}, Jand Nigerian Babes {JNB} or Canadian Nigerian Babes {CNB}.

*Disclaimer*: The views represented in this article are not the opinions of the author, but a compilation of opinions of a geographically diverse group of 20 students. Male Opinions are in green and female in purple. Don't forget, in the end we are all Nigerians. x!


*Look for bargains*--*Brag about discounts rather that higher prices*--*Expose more skin than other regions*--*Shorts and tank tops*--*Big on Sunglasses*--* Don't make daily efforts on appearance*--*Most likely to wear real hair*--*Dress to impress in a mainstream way*--*Hoodies and straight jeans (as opposed to skinny)*--*Less done-up but still fabulous*--*Don't fuss about designer bags*--*Most natural-looking*--*Curviest of the bunch*--*Dress very hip hop*--*Pulling off the jeans in a club and looking comfortable*--*Single-colored dresses*--*More cleavage*--*Lost in transition*


*Shirt tucked into skirts*--*Invest in designer bags*--*Classy fashion*--*Slim and Slender*--*Take manicures seriously*--*Dress to look alike*--*Look on-point daily*--*Silent code for clothing boundaries*--*Upscale fashion*--*Conservative and sophisticated dressers*--*Skirts on the regular*--*Sandals and "different" flats*--*Fringes and straight weaves*--*No vulgarity in dressing*--*Fashion-forward*--*flamboyant hairstyles*--*Vintage outfit*--*Throw in colors i.e. pink dress, blue heels, orange purse, red lipstick*--*Over-dress for the occasion*--*Wear a lot of hair accessories*--*Experiment more with colors and styles*--*Fashion conscious not necessarily best*--*Pop culture/ Weird attires*--*Rarely wear anything but a dress*


*Cannot brag about style*--*Colors don't match most times*--*Not over the top*--*Late to get fashion trends*--*Leopard Print mania*--*Not trend-setters, trend-followers*--*Don't fuss enough about hair*--*Multi-colored necklaces*--*In between {JNB} and {YNB} in terms of size*--*Buy into trends*--*Simple but nice*--*Not much to say*--*Drifting towards {JNB}*--*Wear a lot of Prints*--*Wear jersey-like/lycra and stretchy material (right or wrong)*

Again, these are not my personal opinions. These are also generalizations, so if you ind that they do not apply to you. It's expected. There are opinions of both insiders and outsiders in each!

~*Real Beauty is boundless*~