Wednesday, August 26, 2009

***~Over My Dead Body!!~***

Isn't it weird how lightly we use this term. For the most insignificant of things like "Over my dead body, I will never wear thong!" {Random, I know but in juniour days of high school, you know now} Or even the word NEVER; I struggle so hard to refrain from using it. Instead of never, I can just say, "I think I'm done being friends with person". Why these reality checks, well because when people swear to the skies and snap fingers for "over my dead body"s and Scream NEVER, The spotlight turns to you and when you go to the club once, or even take a sip of your friends drink, or grind once, or eat greasy fries, or wear a thong, or wear a short skirt, or curse, Everyone will notice.

LESSON: Speak for yourself in the Present because people do evolve.

Do you ever feel like you're losing friends? It's like what's going on? I love it when I don't talk to friends and then we talk and we're super-close as we usually are. But some friends are not comfortable with that and they feel like you're alienating them. To all my friends on blogger and in real life, if I ever ignore your blog or don't holler, I still love you.

MOOD: Blah!

p.s. I'm starting a blog about my label; Dione Mauve. To let you all into the process that I've been engulfed into. I'll let you know!!
p.p.s. My little sister cut her hair. She's going into boarding school in Nigeria and it's a necessity, but she looks so cute!! There she is with my brother giving her the kiss all his sisters :D I love my fam!

Friday, August 21, 2009

*~Changing Faces ::: Prejudice~*

It's fabulous being 20; I'm evolving, I'm growing, I'm maturing. I'm pushing away the unnecessary things and driving on a smooth route to bliss. What did I get for my birthday? Well JB got me a Canon SX10
We spoke about it before, but I saw it as a thing of the future and not right now. I was almost in tears, but "Big Girl's Don't Cry"; they blink really fast and force all tears back to the Mother Ship(glands).
So do you ever feel like you were totally wrong about someone? Something?

I have been wrong on countless occassions and I'm one of those who don't think then talk. I talk, then I reflect and regret. Booo! I know. I'm trying to change though. Trust me on that. The sight of Mussels are disgusting and I never thought I'd eat it, but I tried it yesterday at My little Sister's birthday dinner. All I can say is that the restaurant must have regretted the fact that the meal was a buffet... I think I'm done judging people, not on how they look, but how I perceive them to be. Don't judge me, it's a natural human phenomenon to associate certain things so if the shoe fits, someone is definitely wearing it. Evidently, as cliche as this may be, "I'm through judging books by their covers" - If you peel past eh superficial facade that humans create, there is a treasure waiting to be discovered; a wonderful personality, deep trust, honesty, respect and ambition. I put up a front, no good but it's my protective shield/stage face, but when it boils down it to, I'm a professional "Swo" dancer and I can feign igbo-tainted accents.
MORAL: See through the Smoke Screen

RANDOM QUESTION: Don't you hate it when you wave at someone that you don't know because you thought they were someone else; then HE is constanly trying to catch your eye? *sigh

The other day, my brother was complaining about how girls fuss about not being able to do things because they are wearing heels. He claimed that you could run in heels and all that. So he put on my sister's shoes and ran around the house couple of times and said it was as easy and opening a door. That was when he was wearing wedges(super-comfy), so we made him wear actual heels and umm... he died. He tried dancing and couldn't go low... I put on my own heels and bust some moves that he obviously couldn't mirror in those heels and oh well, he learned the hard way that surviving in heels is a professional job.
MORAL: Women need trophies, the super-hero things we do are unbelievable.

Before, I forget, pictures from our birthday!!
My friend Tommy came from Pennysylvania, I hadn't seen her since High school...Oh the joy!!
During the daytime, JB took me and the litle sister downtown!!

MOOD:Nostalgic and Studious (Exam in 5hours)

Friday, August 14, 2009

****It's our Birthday: Me n My twin****

So it's totally my birthday and what a coincidence that it's my 50th Blog post. Wow! I totally remember when I'd blog once a month lol.. I love the blog fam so much! You the best! I'm totally tempted to do something cheezy like, make a story with blog names... but that's takin my e-armedrobberism to another level and I totally won't.
Thanks for all the comments.
Thanks for accompanying me into my twenties. I can't believe it. I'm 20 today and I suddenly feel like I need to be achieving more and making plans for my future. With Dione Mauve in the bag, I feel I'm starting and with my Make-Up, hopefully I'm growing.
My twin n I are on a way to a bright future by God's grace. And we are getting married on the same day! I figure, my dad will only have to cry once. Dunno if the traditional wedding will be together though. We'll see. So,

20 Quick thanks
1. To God for my life 2. To the Parents for love and sacrifice and to the fam for love, anger, laughter and tears 3.To Debs-lee because she`s simply the best little sister any cougar can be an example for. 4. To JB for being him 5. To you bloggers for sharing a part of me 6. To friends for loving me and caring 7. To Frenemies: Ummm 8. To my co-workers for making work not seem so so bad 9.To my High school the best ever 10. For success in school 11. To the models in all my photoshoots 12. For a roof over my head 13. To McDonald's for wonder ful 14. For Twix, Sun Chips and sour gums for the couple of pounds on my hips 15. For Afro kinky, the perfect hair-do ever 16. For the talents, I'm blessed with 17.For my sewing machine, creating purses and outfits 18. For my laptop and all our late nights! 19. My Camera for the memories I can now treasure 20. To just living and loving life in the best way I can.

So I tried to get my sister to blog; and if you know her, you'll know that she refused flat-out. But here are pictures of us this year. Thank God for his mercies!!


Thanks and have a blessed weekend!

Monday, August 10, 2009

~*Privacy + Baby Names*~

Hehe Don't get excited, I'm not having a baby and I don't plan to in the recent future. Give this flat stomach {*cough *cough}. At least 5 more years. :D So what triggered my thinking of baby names? Well, the 16 and pregnant show; it's intense stuff. I was in boarding school at 16 and as innocent as ever. They're having kids. I can't even imagine going through that pain and stress at my age... Almost 20! Ouchie! Bye-bye teenage years. I have till Thursday 11:59pm to clutch you. Hmmph! So has anyone thought about the names they would give their kids, I totally have cuz oh my there has to be nice pattern in my kid's names. Whether I marry an igbo man or not...My kids MUST have igbo names... Not the Ijeomas that you can't really english-anize but I'm considering a Z-series. Like Zita for "Chizitera", Zina for "Zinachidinma" or Zika for" Okezika". Sneaky of me, I know but oh well, the poor kids won't hate me for it! I don't know about looking through books at names which is what I did for my English name when I was 7, but who knows. Check the meaning b4 you name your child something that means " the Fallen one" or " Lost Child" or "prostitute". You get my drift? Dione means "Divine". I like and Ijeoma means "safe journey" and Chidiebere means "God is merciful". I like that my name mean nice things. Some people don't know the meanings of their names. FIND OUT! It will guide your choices; cheesy but true!

On that note, I'm sick and tired of technology and it's ability to store information forever. like really who said I want to keep my history. Can you at least ask before you store all my conversations from a million years ago.. WTH... Can I have some privacy?? Under Facebook's privacy agreement they have this:
You understand and acknowledge that, even after removal, copies of User Content may remain viewable in cached and archived pages or if other Users have copied or stored your User Content.
Huh? That wasn't a part of the deal? Delete what I delete! I'm not trying to scare anyone. I'm just saying, I'm a bit more careful about what I write or pictures I put up. I don't want to be Minister of Finance and someone digs up so crazy picture of me DRUNK/ PASSED OUT {Which I've never been o!} and sabotages me.. No waayyy!

And I love how people say things indirectly and act like it's not directed at anyone but it is! lol Sneaky! Ne hows... I found a skirt that my mum got me maybe 9 years ago, don't ask why it still fits, but I made it short to make it more modern...hehe TRUST ME!! Cop my sad face, then my I'm not looking but I'm forlorn

In front of my favorite store!
Sad Face
Lost Kid!

I'm totally loving my hair... it's too convenient. Hurray to not having to brush it.. hehe
Make-Up Tip: Use blush to add a bit of color and animation to your look.
Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

*Double-Letter Bust with a kid*

'Allo me luvs,
So, I totally just watched Transformers and it was phenomenal. I'm old skool, I know! I hope everyone has had a nice week. It went by so fast aye? (yep extremely Canadian of me :D)
Anyways, yesterday afternoon, some lady asked for directions to the bus stop and as I was giving her directions, one of her 3 kids latched onto me and made we walk all the way therewith them! He is 3 years old and his name is Ryan. He was so shy and cute. I probably won't see him again *sad face* ! JB joked that I was a "mom", Yeah right, to a blonde-hair and blue-eyed kid. NOT!

So back to the title; (singing the Single Ladies tune):
All my Double-letter ladies,All my Double-letter ladies Put your hands up!

This is for the double-letter busted ladies that are misunderstood! Damn the dress makers who design plunging necklines excluding us from the equation. And damn the swimsuits that are small triangles held together by strings. Where is the love? Most importantly where is the support? LITERALLY! Blame the designers that make dresses that are gorgeous but show a little too much b%^bies! Really, all I want is to look good in what is fashionable. Help a girl out! I totally had to send someone a facebook message today to take down a picture that showed a little too much of Moi! Well, because I was bending slightly and it was zoomed, so the light caught a little too much. But, is it my fault? I know some girls be throwing their parts out there till you almost see the nipples, but some of us don't want to bare all, we are just victims. Victims of the button-down tops that are taut! Victims of tube dresses (the worst), Victims of the American Apparel dresses (that I love!)

Don't get me wrong I love my breasts, and the mum that handed it down to me. I will flaunt my assets... as decently as possible. But for any woman that has had her neckline pulled at/adjusted by a male relative, or gotten a scornful look from onlookers or ogled because of her assets; I have a trick. JB forbade me to wear my white summer dress and I don't blame him, without the TRICK, my dress will be equivalent to Lil Kim and Riri's stars! So here's what I did, I threw in a tank top!a.k.a TATT hehehe I'm good!
Try it girlies! I'm even wearing one inside my outfit today. Will show you pictures. I've learned to mix up the colours and create contrasts and matches..., it works. Well I hope it did for me! Be the judge. What sayeth my fellow ladies? And there's pics of Ryan too!
Enjoy the rest of your week!


Make-Up tip: On a hot summer day, REFRAIN from foundation. Stick to face powders and bronzer. It makes your skin glow plus you will sweat off foundation unless it's liquid to powder. Even then, it might be too heavy. Hot day = bronzer + face powder
Oops! I have a test now, I better go! Deuces!