Monday, October 26, 2009

I lied...

...When I said chivalry was dead. My friend was over this weekend and Umm... I saw Chivalry face to face. We{Me and Chivalry} hugged, kissed and strolled down the lane holding hands.My flatmate was pleasantly surprised and I was quick to add "It's a Nigerian-guy thing" lol. So Nigerian boys/men, I put my trust in you. REPRESENT! Yes we'll do our part, we'll cook and clean and do the dishes and tidy the bed and look smashing when we go out in So I am now saying that Chivalry is alive and happy that he still lives in the bodies of those patient, caring and respectful enough. So the next time you catch that "macho no-nonsense" guy doing something mistake... Look him in the eye and Say Hey C! lol

...When I said I didn't want to have twins. I've been screaming that I don't want twins since I can remember because I know the pain my parents went/and still go through to make sure everyting is in doubles to be fair. From prom dresses, to graduation suits, to laptops, to cell phones, to iPods, to tuition, to plane tickets, to phone calls, to "I love yous". It's just a headache, but last night I went to bed and woke saying to myself, "It will be wonderful to have twins". Especially if they're like my sister and I, equally ambitious, equally motivated, perfect complements and support systems for friends and family. It goes from Double trouble to Double blessings {And ofcourse to DOUBLE BRIDE PRICE}. I'd love to have twins, so I won't have to worry about them being alone, Ever!

...When I said I didn't mind people smoking. I do. My school is covered in a blanket of nicotine. On a serious note, in Canada you have to be at least 20m away from a doorway and our buildings are linked through the inside. This is not the case here, you have to leave building to get to the next. I walk from class to class and to my left, right, front and back, these killers are smoking and clouding my lungs. It's no jokes because second-hand smoke can also cause cancer. So I have come to the conclusion that I shall wear a mask, yes, those swine flu kind and cough loudly so everyone smoking will run away from me for fear of catching the disease! Nice plan yes?

So I want to see how well you know me in blogville..I need you to guess how I rocked this outfit.I wore it out clubbing. No cheating...Choose only one letter out of everything. JUST ONE LETTER!!
Hope everyone has a beautiful week.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Hair-Body-Soul

I sometimes wonder if the mind even matters, once your soul is tied into anything, your heart and mind need to stop being stubborn and follow.
This next phase for me is about reconnecting with these three.

There's something about only going to church on Sunday that makes me feel somewhat robotic and like I'm on a routine, that's why I have to find a Catholic Chruch somewhere in this town, so I can go every other day and Sunday. Slow and Steady.

I really want to start taking care of my body. I am going on a diet, and before you go on and on screaming about how I'm fine the way I am, Let me tell you that I am not. I'm really blessed with a body that is toned naturally without effort, and I don't have tendencies to put on weight, but the thing is I eat RUBBISH! *Fox's Cream Cookies* are my breakfast and Lunch and Chinese is my dinner. I hate everything green/healthy...Get thee behind me! BROWN BREAD?? Urggh.... 1% or 2% milk... Yuck Bring on the 3.25% baybeee. And water tastes gross. No diet drinks either...EWWW. That's the sort of eater I am. And I'm starting to realize it's bad, I'm taking this gift for granted and I don't think God is happy about that at all! So here's what I'm doing/ have-done. Throwing out all junk but one Buying carrots and grapes as my snacks, drinking ONLY WATER!!  And I signed up for a gym membership. Of course I'll indulge sometimes. I'm not trying to disappear, just trying to be a healthy individual as I was in days past.... I also need advice on healthy cookies or chips. I know it's pushing it, but HELP! And please help me out with an exercise timetable. I want my six-pack BACK!! Especially in time for HALLOWEEN.... What's everyone going dressed as? I'm going to... {I'm scared of saying plans of location so....}

Blogger is my home so you need constant updates on my HAIR! I took out my kinky braids... and put in another by myself from 11pm to 4am. {I'm in Warwick by the way, visiting one of my bestest friends in the whole world; who may have the swine flu, so I may be susceptible} But I took time out of the 1hour that my real hair was out for and took pictures for you!! Wat do you think of my AFRO??

p.s. Is anyone looking for where in the Bible that it say tattoos was a sin?... I stumbled accross is yesterday... I'm not saying anything about them, This info is for anyone who was JUST WONDERING
"You must not slash your body for a dead person or incise a tattoo on yourself. I am the Lord" - Leveticus 19:28

Does this mean tattoos in general? Or just in the case of a dead person?
p.p.s I made the dress in the picture... You like??

I'm headed back to school tomorrow. Have a fabulous week!


Monday, October 12, 2009

I've Lost My Drunk-ginity

I've lost it! It's gone and it's never coming back. LOL. Pretty sad though.. not!!.. I was a 20-year-old virgin... Now I can brag about being drunk and buzzed as well..hehehehe

So this is what happened.. We took a coach all the way to LIVERPOOL to party and My flat mate (a fellow Canadian on exchange) was upset, like angry that I had never been drunk. So she stuffed me till I was HAPPY!! And then on the next night out... we Pre-drank...(yeah I've never done that before). But we did. And I walked out of my room

I've learned from my two drunken episodes...that
1. I'm pretty well-behaved when I'm drunk
2. I ummm talk alot... like a whole lot. ( i was talking to every single person on the line{I was told})
3. My accent is completely Canadian....loooool.
4. I really just want to go home and sleep
5. I want to use the washroom... {pee} often. Can anyone explain that?
6. I write down funny stuff other drunken people say...till I'm incapable of comprehending.
7. Everything seems amusing to me. I laugh a lot...uncontrollably
8.I won't make it a regular thing

So here are some of the things I got down while I was drunk... I'm copying verbatim from my phone so you may need to read twice or thrice to understand::

1. *Kristen's friend made her eat a reindeer and lied that it wasn't. When she ate it, he screamed, "You ate Bambi" and she cried...

2. A family of five boys: *Jeffrey, *Josh, *Jeremy, *Jonathan and *Andrew... dad didn't think the kid {Andrew} was his. ( This is just mean though)

3.The floor is sticky like there's gravity ( Don't ask) and Millions of floors...Different music

4.He was dancing beside me and then moved to the guy that came with us? He's gay... He doesn't want me!   (LOL this one sounds like I was hurt... but I was amused )

5. He grabbed *Melissa's boobs and won't let go, so they threw him out of the club..

6.They don't know if *Marcus is gay or not because one night he kissed a guy and then kissed a girl... {LOL he's so confused!}

7.*Lisa likes black or white...she doesn't like any in between {hahahha this totally threw me off!}

8.Dunno if I;m too drunk but for C-day {You dress according to something starting with the letter "C"} some girl told her friend to be Chris Brown and he said "I'll be walking around slapping people" { HAHAHAHA this takes the cake...who says this}

9.Out of body experience:::: My eyes are closing but my body is still moving and

LOOOOOOOOOOL Those are the rants of a drunken bob-ij!

In the meantime, I'm still enjoying how this weather is not as cold as Canada...I'm loving coloured tights... Tell me if you like or not!! Umm if you hate it... Don't tell

* Not the real names of the participants
Have a Great Week!



Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WTF?! Naked though really?!

I finished dinner today and as I was walking back to my room,I saw 20 NAKED boys holding their "junks" in their hands, running around the school in the cold. Of course their butts were as red as a Liverpool jersey, it was frigging freezing outside I was wearing my jacket. But this can only happen in England though. I'm so scarred! Like really! Scarred for life.

So I am a bit angry. Well I was! I was walking around town today and I saw a pregnant woman SMOKING. Like Eff! Are you kidding me? She looked like she was 7 months pregnant and she was smoking like a damn chimney. When the kid is born deformed, she'll ask the doctors questions. Well she won't have to live with it for seven and a half months. So what if it is cold... Drink hot chocolate, coffee, cappuccino. There really are a lot of options. Smoking is not my thing, but I can tolerate it as long as your not blowing your fumes in my face any you chewed gum to mint-ify your nicotine breath, but when people endanger of people it makes me green. Yes, like the Hulk and the next time I see a parent smoking in the car when poor kids are in the back seat, or a pregnant woman smoking, I'm going to snatch the cigarette, throw it on the floor and step on it...

Whew! That's out. So my premier week on exchange wasn't bad. But I feel like I've been here forever, I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. So I painted my nails neon orange. =D I was taking a break from the grunge black I had. :S 

At this point all Family members should close their eyes and all Ottawa residents should zip it! Last weekend was fabulous. I was in FOUR cities in THREE nights. Yes.. I went from Lancaster to Liverpool to Manchester to London. I had a blast. From Partying like a rockstar to fooling around to being with friends. I was so happy and umm a little too party at KrazyHouse in Liverpool..was that the name?Ha! I don't even know.If you don't get the gist by now, then ask someone that does. So my aunt came over to visit and I took to shoppping. I got a new jacket::: STORY: I got a Jacket fromNew Look and on my way home,I saw one just like it but hotter in the window of Hyper Hyper. Yes I almost cried, but then I jumped off the bus and when to buy it, I tried to return the New Look one, but I lost the damn receipt so i was forced to shop. I should happy cuz it gave me an excuse to shop, but I was pretty upset cuz i could have used it for much better stuff... sigh!

I have loads of stuff to tell,but it's getting long... DO you like my new Jacket??