Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fear Is Stupid... So Are Regrets

"We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets." 
     -Marilyn Monroe
I'm starting to realize that as scandalous as she was, Marilyn Monroe was a pretty insightful woman. Her quotes have the wheels in my head spinning but this one made it spin so fast, I just had to right on it.

Fear Is Stupid...
This is a fact but come on... I'm human...And I'm scared of everything
1. I'm scared of flying, {Whether in Business or Economy Class}
2.I'm scared of the London Underground Tubes {Admit it! The noise is heart-wrenching and when it stops randomnly in a dark spot I'm like uh oh! + someone needs to oil those trains}
3.I'm scared of heart breaks... {I've never had one but I hear it's like death and your heart feels like it's going to explode [ok a little dramatic]}
4.I'm scared of bad weaves {It kills me when I go in and come out and the weave looks a little too backward and elongates my receeding hairline #notgood}
5.I'm scared of being misread/misunderstood {I'm always explaining why I do things because I hate misinformation or mixes in transmission...I want the message I send to be the one that is received}
6.I'm scared of the ocean { As beautiful as it is, it's deadly and filled with all sorts of...things?}
7.I'm scared of secrets { If I could ask for a gift, it would be mind-reading like Edward Cullen [I hear the gasps already], I like to know what's in everyone's mind...what's in that bb message, what's in that text, what's in that phone call...but I don't want to share mine [pretty selfish]}

...So Are Regrets
Now this is a lie!...Well not completely
1. When I was 8, I attempted ironing a crinkled 10 naira note. I ended up ironing my stomach and the mark is there today to remind me not to do that, ever. {Do I regret that? Yes! And I will not do it again}
2. When I was 13/14, I was somewhat of a hottie! And I broke a couples of hearts {Shh! Don't say I was too young...Because lessons from then are adapted into my "now". So I regretted that and I've learned from it}
3.When I was 17, I spent a very small fraction of my tuition buying christmas presents. {It was for a good cause but not a wise decision// This, I don't even regret.}
4.When I was 19, I lied to someone, was caught and had to beg for a bit {Yeah, it was one of those times. I do regret and will not be repeating}
5.Now I'm 20 and I decided to go on an exchange, it's an experience I do not regret. It's teaching me things, about myself, about others and about life in general. Things I can talk about and things I can't.

My point is it is ok to have regrets, Just don't dwell on them for long. Use them as a frame of reference to stepping up and stepping out. And as for fear, I am afraid...of dying; and I feel like that's where all other phobias stem from. But I am demystifying death and thinking on my faith and God. I just keep wondering if I would ever re-meet the wonderful people I have in another life. I guess that's it!

p.s. I'm not having a down day! I'm actually pretty happy because my mum arrives tomorrow, yes! But you're my fam and it's all about sharing me..RIGHT?

p.p.s. witness my style::: I attribute it to the discovery of myself {and umm the warmth of England!}

Before you die, I was wearing sheer tights haha! That`s why it looks like that`s my skin... *wink*! Be good peoples!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Day I wore 7 colours at Once

That Day was today. What was I thinking? Well, a lot really....

1. That my mum wasn't coming today anymore as planned. There I was, booking my ticket to London to bring her back to Lancaster with me and enjoy the peacefulness of this city. And of course take a day trip to Manchester to shop. And the nice food she would make. How could I forget the quick trip to Glasgow I planned for us. But "WORK" the nemesis of parenthood stole these plans away, at the last minute. Makes me wonder if I'm going to work for long... *To be continued*

2. That it was really funny for the sheep I saw out on the countryside, when I was on the train, to have their butts painting in blue ink. Possible case trial in court for lost sheep
Judge: How do you know this sheep is yours Jonathan?
Farmer: Aye mi Lord, all of my sheep are blue in the buttocks!

3. That it seems that everyone "thinks" they have haters and people that gossip about them. What do people have to hate about you? Why would people talk about you? What makes you so important? Most importantly, Why do you even care?

4. That at least I don't have to hide my handcuffs now my mum's trip is postponed. Saves me explaining my Halloween costume and the reason for a full cop gear and handcuffs in my room *kinky*

5. That Police lights are scary in every continent, even when you're on the right side of the law {No, I didn't have any experience, but those blue lights are extremely bright wow!}

Today is "International to write love on her arm Day" and I wrote love on my arm for many reasons; most importantly for my Mother. The strongest woman I know, A role model and the major, probably the only reason why I am as hardworking as I am in life. I do everything to make her happy. Here's my facebook status

"I'm writing love on my arm today for the women who are told they are not beautiful, that they are worthless; for the women who do not feel beautiful because they have been abused, physically or otherwise. I'm writing love on my arm today for the women who stay strong for their families, I'm writing love on my arm today for "YOU" if you need love"

Have a fabulous weekend!
The 7 colours: 1. Black Top 2. Mustard-Yellow shorts 3. Purple Belt 4.Grey leggings 5.Brown boots  6.White Scarf  7.Light-blue Boyfriend Jacket



Monday, November 2, 2009

>>Are you a Virgin??<<

If you hadn't figured it out, that is a rhetorical question. Very random Q, but my friend just asked me how to check if someone is and I reckon they could have some sort of x-ray to tell because I figured out that a gynaecologist will not be probing into the femle genitals, because if she was a virgin before, she won't be at the end of the session. So I googled it! Yes don't trust google, I know. But that's why I'm bringing the question to blogger for the medical students to give a opinion about this.
The only test I found is the verification of the presence of the Hymen and since the hymen can be broken in numerous ways e.g. horse-riding, I think this is USELESS! I reckon victims of rape can check through by the presence of sperm in their uterus, but in general, how is it possible to test?

Now onto the Question of my last post. I can't believe no one got it! lol. Well I agree the OLD me would have worn B, but the new me, that's embracing the sexiness in semi-covered wore F! Let me show you the full picture...
Halloween was so much fun, I went to Birmingham and I was dressed as an FBI agent with a British  Cop hat! LOL I am a contradiction. I also wore scary contacts. What do you think? Umm.. The REAL cop we took a picture with was looking at my breasts...hmm...

First of all, My creepy contacts..iLove

Then the outfit I actually wore, "F" and my lovely Canadian flat mate Miranda!

me and my Girls~
The cop that was looking!

Have a lovely week people. I intend to achieve quite a lot!