Friday, April 16, 2010

**Bleeding False Alarms**

  A fire truck whizzes past my bus "4" in the direction of my University and I roll my eyes. Another stupid person has pulled the fire alarm because they weren't ready for their exam. False alarms bother me a lot and not just because we have to stand outside in negative temperatures, possibly without jackets, for 30 minutes due to routine, but because of the Firefighters' wasted time and resources.
   Each time the alarm is set off at my school, I know that they know that  it is a false, but they are obliged to come either way. On one occasion, a real fire was not put out because the fire trucks were at various "false alarm" locations and lives were lost.
  We take it for granted that the silly moves are harmless, but the truth is eventually someone WILL get hurt. Maybe I'm just complaining because I have many more hours before my last exam. But no,  I have a point.
My point is; Sometimes those actions that may seem like harmless fun, turn out to be very harmful and the smile turns upside down and the tears stream down once lifted cheeks. Solution? Think first, then act.
My last exam is in 5 hours then I restart my bloglife. Step 1: Update blogroll...I hear there are loads of new bloggers. Take care everyone...Be good to life and it will reciprocate.

C'est moi today...A Party Dress turned School Attire {I don't go out anymore, so what else would I wear it for} Pssh!