Monday, January 31, 2011

~Rennovations - Changing Faces~

I admit it I have an OCD. Changing blog layouts is my thing. But I think this is the last time. You may have noticed that I also changed my description. I've been itching to do it for a while. Make-Up Artist doesn't describe who I am anymore. Even though I do make-up a whole lot more that when I was really dedicated to it. For Dione Mauve shoots and my cousin's traditional wedding. The final decision to change from "IjMadueke: Make-Up Artist" came when I went on Stella's blog.I was ashamed to have even 'THOUGHT' I had a real passion for make-up. Stella's tips are amazing and she's actually taking classes and all that.

I owe my hesitation to Nigerian Bloggers Award. Yes, I said it! Why must all the blogs be categorized...

How about an award for 'Best Freelance Blog'. I know that's what I am. And a whole lot of bloggers too. #Just saying.

That being said, I don't have a focus for my blogging.I'm just going to keep blogging and maybe I'll find that focal point. That being said.Please can someone direct me to new bloggers or currently interesting blogs...My list is outdated.

I'm rocking a weave now and these pictures make me miss my kinks...*sigh*
Lipstick - Nars Pure Matte Lipstick Vesuvio

This thing stays on for ages even after several cups of coffee and two

Yours Truantly,


Natural Nigerian said...

The ladies from Sex and the City? You girls look fab.

Mbabazi said...

welcome bck.visit by mine

bob-ij said...

Natural Nigerian::: haha! Good one! love it! Thanks

Mbabazi::: Will do!


Myne Whitman said...

You girls look absolutely gorgeous and I'm loving the lensed up look. The new layout is great too, and the pics on the right, awesome fashion shots.

Gee said...

always looking nice! Ij yes o, i was gonna ask u sef bout a lipstick color u can recommend for me--lemme know, me too i want color, ayam tired of clear lip things.

mizchif said...

Nice layout. Been meaning to change mine but i'm too lazy. Ah well.

Came across your harmattan collection on fb.
Lovely pieces, great styling too.
Mildly pricey tho, but i love.

bob-ij said...

Myne Whitman::: Thanks a lot! Pretty intellectual look right??

Gee::: Thanks luv. In terms of recommendation hmm I'll say try Iman. She might have something to suit your complexion. But even Nars... see what they have. It's sold at sephora.

mizchif::: Hey miss! Thanks! In terms of the prices of pieces, when I up the luxury of the fabric, it's inevitable. But the team is working on throwing out one very affordable collection a year. We'll see how the logistics works. But thanks though.

Blessing said...

Very very cute! *thumbs up*

Yankeenaijababe said...

Wow! That's what up girl!!! Love the look, hair, very chic with that dress....girl you rock it oMG!

Chic Therapy said...

the pictures are gorgy!!

bob-ij said...

Blessing::: Thank you!!

YNC::: Haha! Thanks babe! Rocking a weave now so...i'm in the straight

Chic Therapy::: Thanks a million :-D

Anonymous said...

Hey Beautiful!!
you are too preety for words ! haven't said it to you in while so there.....:

stay fabulous!

much love and respect
chomy said...

oh look! its me! heheh lol
Love the new blog. Im a sucker for minimal designs!

Good jaaaabbb!!

~Sirius~ said...


I loooooove that picture on the top left!!!!!

Looking fab as usual.

My dear you will find yourself eventually. rocked that wedding, like my sister always posing for the camera. You lot looked fab!

Jennifer said...

you look fab <3

bob-ij said...

Chomy::: Haha! Thanks bebe! Still not half as stylish though! loool

spiltink::: haha!~ I've been waiting for you to see it! lol! I'm sort of going that way these days! lol

Sirius::: haha! You flatter me much! lol! Your sister is my kinda girl. Pics are the future...literally! :-D

Jennifer::: Thanks Miss!

Fragilelooks said...

amazing pictures. i love it

bob-ij said...

Fragilelooks::: Thanks miss! I try! loool


NikkiSho said...

beautiful pictures!!

TiMod'Elle said...

oh my love the dress, gorgeous women