Friday, February 25, 2011

DIY: Restore Your Broken Rings to Versatile Perfection

Hola beautiful people. It's your girl Ij! loool...

So this post should be useful. By a show of hands can I see how many of you have had the top embellishment of your ring fall off and leave you with just the bottom? I see a whole lot of hands and mine is up too. I can't begin to count how many of my rings have had the top fall off especially those Aldo rings...I don't even want to think about it. And I like really big rings so that doesn't help, it's hard for the things to stay on. I have a remedy to save you from that annoyance. Here goes my very first DIY tutorial. I love to DIY and as a designer it's something that keeps me sane amidst my constant impulse to sew ALL my clothes. Whose fault is it that the stuff at the store is a tad bit boring?

Before you do the whole cliche "I can't do this", read through and think of the things you have in your house. That old 'scarf' that you will never wear, or a top you're dying to give out/throw out. The super glue you have around the house. And the time you spend watching desperate housewives, (well the commercials bit, you can squeeze in some DIY). I did mine while watching the Grammy's

I warn you, this may get addictive.
Any ways, for this ring DIY, you are going to need
A broken ring; Needle and Thread; Scissors; A glue gun (or any kind of glue that can stick fabric to metal);Fabric (More fun with prints than solids); Felt piece (Or semi-stiff fabric)

First off I made a fabric flower...(EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY). For this cut small circles of fabric like shown below. I used a lip balm lid to measure my circles. I cut out six circles.

Fold the circle into four and you have a fabric flower. So this for all six circles and secure together with needle and thread. 

Sew this onto a stronger piece of fabric.

Take your glue and stick the fabric flower to the broken ring surface.

Hold in place till the glue sets and VOILA! You have a newer and more creative ring.

I did the same thing with a bow and I loved it. I made the bow from tribal (Vlisco) printed fabric and used pleather as center of the rectangular bow. Don't ask why I made one that spanned my four fingers. I just got a little bit carried away but I love it!!

There goes my first DIY. Thoughts?

Have an awesome weekend people....

Yours Truantly,


mizchif said...

I've been getting so many DIY ideas lately, only problem is i am LAZY!!

I make excuses like i don't have time or the resources but i really need to get to it.

LohiO said...

Ermm the girl Ijay...have you seen your pics on my blog?..Teheheheh!

~Sirius~ said...

Ijeoma o!!!!

Only you.


Rock your creativity girl!


bob-ij said...

Mizchif::: LOL! Don;t be lazy. do it. Who am I kidding. I'm lazy too. I forced myself to this one just so I could blog it. Blog yours and you'll do it!

LohiO:: I saw it..haha! i look like a bahdt guys!! looool

Sirius::: LOL! "Ain't no stopping me now' loool! Thanks bebe!


Mbabazi said...

this is lovely . Ama try it out