Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Disclaimer: This post is a photo overdose. Viewing is at viewer's risk.

  One of the things that upsets me about life is negativity especially from people you may refer to as 'your people'. I'm talking about the negative attitude of our fellow Nigerians to the rise of entertainment and social initiatives. Constantly there is an undertone of "Ah! Now everyone wants to sing", "Scheww so now anyone can be a model", "Everyone wants to start an organization". It upsets me because I would expect encouragement from people. No I'm not referring to criticism. Criticism is constructive and can be productive. Negativity on the other hand is just hateful and blinded. I refuse to call it 'hating' because I feel like the word has been misused. We're always on about how 'The youth are the future' and when the youth decide to follow their dreams, the tale becomes that we follow a 'herd-mentality'. So what if there is a rise of musicians in Nigeria? Isn't that a good thing? The fact that young people are being inspired by others to follow their own hearts does not necessarily mean they are copying/duplicating other artistes. It can mean that they finally REALISE that they CAN do it. And Personally, that excites me....

That being said, I introduce an initiative of my friend Ada Umoefia, a future architect. She has a wonderful idea of rebuiding Nigeria, one sector at a time. It's called 'WeBuilt:Nigeria'.

The idea I found most interesting is rebuilding the market stalls in Nigeria using pre-farbicated pieces such that as we are used to IKEA ways of cutting pieces together, it wouls be easy to put together the pieces of a Market Stall, that can be easily folded away.This table is called the 'CarryGo' Table. Amazing idea..Truly amazing... Here's Ada demonstrating the 'Carry Go' Table 'Click here'

Ada in her WeBuilt Shirt

CarryGo Table Version 1
CarryGo Table Version 2
Ada demonstrates setting up a CarryGo Table

Impressive?  I know. Who are we kidding? This is unbelievable. Imagine the increased safety with these where there are no rusty tetanus-infected nails sticking out of market tables. Think about the security a vendor has with taking his/her portable stall at the end of the market day. You know what? Just go to  to find out more about this and how you can help. You definitely want to be a part of this amazing idea. She's looking for volunteers to participate in this activity. The volunteers even get free 'WeBuilt' Shirts. Yay! I'm hoping I can be a part of the execution because there's nothing that gets me going more that philantropy; a concept I hope to fully support in the Nigerian workplace when I go back. In the spirit of support, My friends and I threw on WeBuilt shirts...

Let's look past the uncertainty and support young people with ideas for Nigeria whether innovative or conventional. We have one goal.... at the end of it all, let's boast the WeBuilt:Nigeria.

Spotted: Miss Lohi in a Dione Mauve Dress
Just cuz I wanted to show off my new pants! Love them....

Some conservative variation of the Dutty Spot the Dione Mauve 'Oma' Brooch

Gravity can't keep me down

This can totally be a Watch Commercial...
See No Evil, Speak No Evil

On another note, It's Ash Wednesday Today. If you can, go and GET BRANDED with the cross of your forehead. Can't wait. I love it when people stare at me walking around. I look at them like yeah #iRepChristianity.

My Complete look...Basket Purse, Blazer, Dione Mauve Brooch, Oxfords et al!

animated gif maker
Animated gif maker

Have a beautiful rest of the week people! Be Positive!

Yours Truantly,


Yankeenaijababe said...

I love this post, I pray Nigeria can be better, I want to be part of the team..keep me hinted so cutie cutie...:=)

BBB said...

looooove d pictures
those oxfords are hawt!!!!
i should totally order one of your dresses, i have been meaning too
id let u know

LT_Versatile said...

I'm in love with this already. It's no doubt that negativity exists well among Nigerians, and that is very sad. We really need to embrace these ideas and encourage them too. A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one. so why not encourage these people. Would love to be a part of this. Good job and keep it up! (Y)

LohiO said...

LOL @ spotted....hehehehe

#FunTimes #WeBuilt!

leggy said...

i love this post. i hate it when people go about talking about how all the musicians in nigeria are not talented.we get it. you have high tastes.
i like the idea.goodluck to your friend.
you look great dear.

Anyaposh said...

It's good to see young people taking up new ventures, it's truly inspirational! However, there are some follow-follow ones who are just counterfeit and a duplication of originals. I believe everyone has talent and everyone has drive/zeal. For me, excellence is when you channel your drive/zeal to support your talent. But mediocrity is when some of our young ones use up their drive to pursue borrowed dreams, it's painful to watch. I say be an original of yourself. No borrow-borrow.

And I like the picture when you're in the air, so fabulous! (especially those high-waisted pants)

Adaeze said...

agree with everything said....Negativity is bad bad bad...was just confronted with a load of it today.

All that being said - I have been meaning to check ur blog out and didnt until now - see how much I missed out on! Admire your grit and creativity. Beautiful blog and beautiful person in and out :-)

doll said...

well said

o and you look beautiful. the hair do suits you

bob-ij said...

YNC::: Thanks miss! Lol. I will deifinitely have updates on this initiative, the more the merrier. May we all have the same prayer and achieve it eventually.

BBB::: Haha! Thanks bebe! I want to buy more. lol. holla at me. No shpping costs at least since you're right up my alley! loool

LT ::: hahah! Thanks thanks! WE honestly need to. I love the whole movement of contributing to Nigeria. Make sure you check the website for how to get involved!


bob-ij said...

LohiO::: Some gossip girl steez! loool

leggy::: lol at "high tastes". Thanks babe! I'm really hoping for the best too.

bob-ij said...

Anyaposh::: I totally understand your argument which is why I mentioned the whole bit about criticism as opposed to complete disregard and negativity. You know what too? I feel like sometimes copy cats are not entirely sure of what they bring to the table and sooner rather than later hopefully, they can find out...NO? lol at painful to watch. yea..some things are a bit underwhelming which should prompt criticism and God-willing some sort of productivity from the musician, actor, etc. Amen to 'No borrow-borrow' oh! That one is not even for your opinion though, I love different perspectives to these kind of matters.
And thanks! I'm luck I didn't bump my head into he

Adaeze::: haha! better late than never right? Thank you so much luv. Honestly, it is hard for people to not be negative, I admit some petty things make me shun some things people do. But it's lent so it's all about 'fasting' from the negative and 'feasting' on the positive energy. Don't let these things bring you down babe!

doll::: haha! Thanks...a milli!

Yankeenaijababe said...

You have been tagged...with the One lovely blogger award...check it out..have a fun weekend.

bob-ij said...

YNC::: Thanks! I'll check it out


F said...

I am definitely one of those people who doesn't take many start-ups seriously. It's just because we Nigerians tend to do things more for the sake of trends than genuine interest or passion. Take photography, for example. Isn't it a huge coincidence that all these new "photographers" are buying their DSLRs and coming out of the woodwork now that it is supposedly cool to own one of those cameras? People with no eye for photography just photoshop, make crap black and white and VOILA... You're an artist. It's amusing.

With that being said, only a stupid or crazy person will think We Built Nigeria falls under this category. The idea is innovative and completely unique and she is obviously passionate about it which is inspiring. One of my friends told me about it and I was so proud to hear that a young Nigerian was using her knowledge from her degree to benefit the country (or at least, trying to). Plus, this post just made me admire the girl even more- her hair is awesome! Natural inspiration right there. :)

Anonymous said...

Woman, do you bite your fingernails like someone I know very well?!!!!