Monday, July 25, 2011

Succumbing to the forces

That awkward moment when you check your account balance and wonder where all your money went. *Head in hands* *Loud sigh*

I'm just tired of the forces in this city. Non-stop temptation. I can't. I really can't STOP! I feel like I'mm in my very own confessions of a shopaholic movie. Than k goodness I am a prudent shopper. But it makes it even worse because I spend the same amount on many and justify it by quantity. Sigh.

The same thing goes with books. I'm buying so many of them due to my two 25-minute train rides each day. With my free time as well, I cannot help but delve into DIY. My lack of a wesing machine is forcing me to create simple things as a creative escape So here's what I created with suede cords and piping parts I got from the Home Depot. Don't ask but I loved the metallic look So say hi to my new necklace!

Remember the St. Catherine's day sale I told you about. Well I went and it was AMAZING. Streets closed and even store reps screaming out prices of things on sale. Every store was having something. Well except for Zara which annoyed my greatly. But onto other stores. There were so many people on the street like a carnival and hot dogs and shawarma and such. The weather was even more amazing in Montreal.

And ofcourse I bumped into some random street art. Lavv it!

Yours Truantly,


Muse Origins said...

Lovely!!! I succumb too *sigh* And i've been looking out for DIY projects myself. Please post more of them :D

Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
Muse Origins

Laurenta said...

the store reps were screaming the sales out??
i would have loved it

bob-ij said...

Muse::: haha! You have? I'm going to check yours out as well. lol. For sure, I will. It's pretty exciting to be honest. :-D
And how do you not succumb? Help!

Laurenta::: haha! They were. lol. Pretty amazing. I lavved it!!