Tuesday, August 16, 2011

America's Next Top Model ALL STARS??

My heart is racing, I just found out that America's Next Top Model returns with Cycle 17 and this time it's going to be an 'ALL STARS' season. Contestants from the previous Season are back to battle it out. I don't recall if I watched ANTM before Cycle 9, but the only contestants I remember are from Cycle 9 and beyond.

I'm a HUGE fan of ANTM. With the Vogue Italia Upgrade, Tyra has brought in more renowned designers and photographers! Love it!

I have a feeling this season is going to be like  a 'REAL' reality show with drama and cat fights. Why? Well we have really strong personalities mixing in there. The fact that they missed out on winning in their previous seasons will make them want it even more. And this time, we'll skip the amateur posing and get right to the nitty gritty. First Tyra brings, the 'short' model series and now the 'All Stars'? She really does do her Homework. Either that or she has learned from 'So You Think You Can Dance's' All-Star strategy. Who cares? I just want the new season, Can September 14th come already? Sheesh!

Get the full list of Contestants here or here with images

The ones I love and am looking forward to seeing are:

Awkward 'Wide-eyed' Allison

Lovely 'Southern' Laura

Androgynous 'Mutli-persona' Alexandria

Sexy 'Too-Sexy' Sheena

Angry 'Loud' Angelea

In-control 'Fierce' Isis

I'm giddy with excitement!

This time it's not just going to be about photo shoots and runways! It's going to a be WAR!
Not for the faint-hearted.

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Muse Origins said...

Really? This should be interesting!

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Hyperfashun said...

cant wait

Giagerry said...

gawsh! this is sad! I think I watched these but I cant remember any of these pple! LoooL--A few faces are coming to me but nothing(as in stories) to remember about them--LoL--u can tell I watch shows in a terrible way. X_X