Friday, September 23, 2011

The Mannequin Spoke to ME!

TGIF! wooop woop!

I'm really shocked I haven't shared this story by now. Very unlike me because I was typing my thoughts the whole time. 

So, since Montreal is Canada's Fashion Capital, even the streets smell of fashion. It so happens that there was the first International Fashion Exhibit dedicated to Jean Paul Gaultier

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

All I can say is that JPG is a genius! I am now a fan. Last month I attended a JPG street-show and was wowed by the theatrics. This time I was blown away. iStepped into the show and into a different world. It has definitely altered my Design life for sure. Made me realise that designing is not just about creating flattering pieces, it is about a concept... It is not about how fast you can make a garment but how well you can make it. It is not about making something different, it is about making something that can be identified as your work. Stepping into his world showed me that wit in fashion is innate. I have always forced myself to create pieces that had a bit of "oomph!". Jean Paul Gaultier had been creating avant garde pieces since he was young, that is how HE sees fashion. So I'm ready to be a Carolina Herrera or Marchesa of my time, making beautiful garments that may not defy all laws and be provocative. I'm a pretty regular girl and I can make that work for me. I intend to make that work now in Dione Mauve. Please Raise your glasses to Discovery and step into the world of Jean Paul Gaultier as recorded by my iPhone 4.

As I stepped in, the very first thing I saw were the mannequins. I was marveling at how amazingly real their faces looked when one blinked and then another smiled. Still a bit confused and another one laughed! I JUMPED! Literally... These mannequins were speaking to each other. One would speak and another would hush him. Scariest 15 seconds of my life till I realised that they were projections onto their faces (with voice cues pre-recorded) Such a Genius concept. #JPG fan

If you don't believe me look at the changes in facial expressions.

Told day!

This one just couldn't stop talking. He was telling some story in french! lol! Hilarious

These Females were even singing... as in a choir. Ridiculous I tell you. Ridiculous and Beautiful

 Who else can make crutches look so yummy!
This Mannequin actually stuttered/stammered it was so amazing how he turned something people are a bit self-conscious about into art. Hats off to JPG for sure


And the provocative exhibits

Bustier Heaven..Peep the 'Pregnant Bustier'
 The First Conical Bra JPG ,made was for his Teddy Bear Nana out of paper. This man is a genius...

 A skeleton never looked so sexy. She's holding her heart in her hands (Picture Above)
 This peices is THE most amzing. A Leopard print dress made all the with beads. LIke wow! Took 1060 hours. I won't even want to wear this, too grand!

 A movie screening of the scenes where JPG pieces were worn

Her cigarette was so long, I just had to

There it is! My amazing time in Jean Paul Gaultier world. A whole new level of appreciation for fashion and design.

Stay Safe

Yours Truantly,

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