Monday, March 21, 2011


With spring coming, my pet peeve returns. I don't get disgusted at the sight of earthworms wriggling onto the road to eventually be crushed underfoot or "undertyre". I am especially not disgusted by the sickening crunch of its exoskeleton when it has been stepped on. What bothers me is the SMELL! The smell of earthworms is like uncooked meat that has laid on the grass for two nights and then was peed on by a dog on a walk{ ok not this intense}. But earthworms stink. If you haven't noticed this smell, don't feel bad, I attribute my acute awareness of smell to my 6th sense... I call it Nose 3.0. I spot smells from a mile away. The only negative is that I prepare people for the smell because I sense it first, but no one can prepare me.

This smell also feeds my sweet tooth. Who can resist the smell of waffles topped with whipped cream and chocolate. If you can, you are either super-human {addicted to the healthy} or sub-human {immune to deliciousness}. FOOD is definitely on my mind.

On a brighter note, I'd love to announce that I have found a way to embrace the healthy me. I now LIKE salads. If you know me, you'll no I have "healthy-phobia". LOL. So this is a HUGE step for me. For my fellow phobic friends. The trick is a fun salad.... SWEET or SPICY. We know that those GREEN things just taste like plants... so for the Sweet
Spring Mix + Green Grapes + Strawberries {which I pick out cuz I hate) + Raspberry dressing ( has only 30 calories)

For spicy
Spring Mix + Chicken strips/Shredded chicken (Baked not fried) + Pepper (We love the spicy) + Cesar/Italian Dressing (Has some fat but the greens make up jo)

And I add Spinach to everything...Yes raw spinach. My rice plate looks Christmas-y nowadays with green veggies and red stew. Anyways.... In less that a month, I will be taking my final exam of undergrad and I am beyond excited. I have no more lecture material being taught in class and it makes me feel bittersweet. Sweet because I'm done and Bitter because I'm wondering if I learned enough from undergrad. All in all, I'm happy. And please DON'T ask me what's next, Can we just savor the moment??


Spring is here! Or so I thought before the SNOW fell ridiculously today. Another day, more snow. Anyways I'm rocking some faux fur and another Dione Mauve hair accessory and my DIY ring from before to celebrate I'm loving throwing in some tribal printing into my dressing...What better way than accessories....

Have a lovely week fam...

Yours Truantly,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Disclaimer: This post is a photo overdose. Viewing is at viewer's risk.

  One of the things that upsets me about life is negativity especially from people you may refer to as 'your people'. I'm talking about the negative attitude of our fellow Nigerians to the rise of entertainment and social initiatives. Constantly there is an undertone of "Ah! Now everyone wants to sing", "Scheww so now anyone can be a model", "Everyone wants to start an organization". It upsets me because I would expect encouragement from people. No I'm not referring to criticism. Criticism is constructive and can be productive. Negativity on the other hand is just hateful and blinded. I refuse to call it 'hating' because I feel like the word has been misused. We're always on about how 'The youth are the future' and when the youth decide to follow their dreams, the tale becomes that we follow a 'herd-mentality'. So what if there is a rise of musicians in Nigeria? Isn't that a good thing? The fact that young people are being inspired by others to follow their own hearts does not necessarily mean they are copying/duplicating other artistes. It can mean that they finally REALISE that they CAN do it. And Personally, that excites me....

That being said, I introduce an initiative of my friend Ada Umoefia, a future architect. She has a wonderful idea of rebuiding Nigeria, one sector at a time. It's called 'WeBuilt:Nigeria'.

The idea I found most interesting is rebuilding the market stalls in Nigeria using pre-farbicated pieces such that as we are used to IKEA ways of cutting pieces together, it wouls be easy to put together the pieces of a Market Stall, that can be easily folded away.This table is called the 'CarryGo' Table. Amazing idea..Truly amazing... Here's Ada demonstrating the 'Carry Go' Table 'Click here'

Ada in her WeBuilt Shirt

CarryGo Table Version 1
CarryGo Table Version 2
Ada demonstrates setting up a CarryGo Table

Impressive?  I know. Who are we kidding? This is unbelievable. Imagine the increased safety with these where there are no rusty tetanus-infected nails sticking out of market tables. Think about the security a vendor has with taking his/her portable stall at the end of the market day. You know what? Just go to  to find out more about this and how you can help. You definitely want to be a part of this amazing idea. She's looking for volunteers to participate in this activity. The volunteers even get free 'WeBuilt' Shirts. Yay! I'm hoping I can be a part of the execution because there's nothing that gets me going more that philantropy; a concept I hope to fully support in the Nigerian workplace when I go back. In the spirit of support, My friends and I threw on WeBuilt shirts...

Let's look past the uncertainty and support young people with ideas for Nigeria whether innovative or conventional. We have one goal.... at the end of it all, let's boast the WeBuilt:Nigeria.

Spotted: Miss Lohi in a Dione Mauve Dress
Just cuz I wanted to show off my new pants! Love them....

Some conservative variation of the Dutty Spot the Dione Mauve 'Oma' Brooch

Gravity can't keep me down

This can totally be a Watch Commercial...
See No Evil, Speak No Evil

On another note, It's Ash Wednesday Today. If you can, go and GET BRANDED with the cross of your forehead. Can't wait. I love it when people stare at me walking around. I look at them like yeah #iRepChristianity.

My Complete look...Basket Purse, Blazer, Dione Mauve Brooch, Oxfords et al!

animated gif maker
Animated gif maker

Have a beautiful rest of the week people! Be Positive!

Yours Truantly,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have a pretty roller-coaster week/weekend. It was supposed to be our 'Spring Break' but it happens to also be 'Reading Week' given that i have two final exams this week that constitute up to 50% of my course grade and three reports due. I shall survive, I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me. When I'm really stressed out, I make sure to take breaks from studying to relax. I did this and stumbled upon the video and pictures I took earlier this month. It was my friend's birthday and we were compiling the usual birthday video for Facebook. Thing is, the dynamic trio, my sister Ifie, my friend Deola and I did not want the usual boring... talking message (no offense) lol. So we spiced things up and dressed up in retro costumes and danced a bit. You can say we went all out.

There's nothing like having girlfriends you can be silly with. Personally, I don't understand it when girls don't have girlfriends and blame it on the 'drama' girls have. They choose to be 'one of the guys'.It's something I've never been able to rationalize somehow. Myquestion is, who do you talk to when you have that 'period pimple' (not to be graphic or And when you go shopping, or as simple as when you study.  The three of us have decided to give our first daughters different variations of the same name. Let's hope the husbands agree! haha! All I can say is, I LOVE MY GIRLIES, even the ones not in Canada especially best friends and lovers in England.

A few days a ago I chatted with my 'primary school best friend' and all we kept saying was how we missed each other. 10 years later, missing communication and we still love each other. People come and people go but what matters is what happens when they ARE in our lives. Here's to the girls with girlfriends all over the world and to the ones still searching, you'll find them soon. The closeness cannot be substituted. AMEN!


AFTER - Pure Fun

I hope your week is WAY better than mine. I'll be fine!
Yours Truantly,