Thursday, July 28, 2011

A New Dawn

It's not for us to say but for the Lord to save His own. On December 10, 2005 in the Sosoliso Plane crash that killed 60 Loyola Students amongst others, amidst the tears and sorrow, there arose hope. This ray of light lays in the one of two survivors and sole student survivor, Kechi Okwuchi. People may blog about this and spread the word, I am blogging about it on a personal level because I know Kechi and I know how strong she is and how much of an amazing and hilarious person she is.

 With 60% intensive burns and up to 5 weeks in medically-induced coma and over 75 surgeries to date,almost 6 years later and Kechi continues to rebuild her life. With about $400, 000 worth of surgeries, it is time to reach out to you.

Yimi Omofuma and Somachi Chris-Asoluka, two of Kechi's closest friends, and former classmates, have teamed up with Kechi's family and Loyola Jesuit College, to hold a Fundraising Dinner that will cover the cost of Kechi's future surgeries.

'A New Dawn': The fundraiser will be held on the 30th of July 2011, at the Landmark center, Victoria Island, Lagos.

It will feature a fashion show titled "Sunset and Sun dawn" showcasing unique designs from MUDI, KECHI'S and a host of upcoming talent. In addition, there will be special music performances from BEZ, MUNA, WAJE, LYNXXX, FREEWINDZ, and other surprise artistes.

For those of us who are unfortunately far away and unable to attend, there are ways to donate into a fundraiser account. And don't dare think that what you plan to donate is not enough. Information about donations is very confidential and any amount you donate, I assure you will be greatly appreciated especially when there is power in numbers. So tell a friend and that friend's friend and the friend's friend's friend and the chain will continue. Let's make this viral because it could have been any one of us and I would pray that there will be people to reach out. Share the news, if there are companies willing to be involved with the cause, even more amazing.

Email :

Pictures of Kechi before and after the crash are below; pictures of her after the surgery are slightly graphic and can be viewed here .

It's not what you say about an event that matters, it is what you do.
So say a prayer, spread the word, donate or attend the event. Do one or all, but please do something. 
Kechi is truly a miracle and ready to face 'A NEW DAWN'

Have an amazing rest of the week and weekend people.

Yours Truantly,

Monday, July 25, 2011

Succumbing to the forces

That awkward moment when you check your account balance and wonder where all your money went. *Head in hands* *Loud sigh*

I'm just tired of the forces in this city. Non-stop temptation. I can't. I really can't STOP! I feel like I'mm in my very own confessions of a shopaholic movie. Than k goodness I am a prudent shopper. But it makes it even worse because I spend the same amount on many and justify it by quantity. Sigh.

The same thing goes with books. I'm buying so many of them due to my two 25-minute train rides each day. With my free time as well, I cannot help but delve into DIY. My lack of a wesing machine is forcing me to create simple things as a creative escape So here's what I created with suede cords and piping parts I got from the Home Depot. Don't ask but I loved the metallic look So say hi to my new necklace!

Remember the St. Catherine's day sale I told you about. Well I went and it was AMAZING. Streets closed and even store reps screaming out prices of things on sale. Every store was having something. Well except for Zara which annoyed my greatly. But onto other stores. There were so many people on the street like a carnival and hot dogs and shawarma and such. The weather was even more amazing in Montreal.

And ofcourse I bumped into some random street art. Lavv it!

Yours Truantly,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Leave the old behind::: ReNOVATE

Lovely people from planet blogger, greetings. 

Yes I am a bit wonky today. Exhausted from an extremely long weekend and week. I'll be fine because tomorrow I can say #TGIF.
Besides the floods in Lagos and burning sun in Montreal, there are good things going on. I'm increasingly excited about the events and movements that have started this year. Moving young people away from just fun and into more serious ventures. One of such is the 2011 ReNOVATE Malaria Benefit Gala.

ReNOVATE is an organization founded by Roseline Akintunde with its objectives to 

"improve the plight of education, health and 
development in Nigeria's rural and most disopportuned areas. 

We are motivated by the opportunity that we have experienced 
and our dream is to extend similar opportunities to people who 
are living everyday in much difficulty and without much prospect 
of improvement."

It is simply impressive that people want to offer the same opportunities to those not as privileged. I respect that a lot. I'm not involved in ReNOVATE, but I am a firm believer in charity and that is something as a Finance professional I am looking to support in Nigeria. 

ReNOVATE will be hosting a black tie fund-raising dinner on the 23rd of July, 2011 to propel its pilot project- The 2011 Malaria Initiative [with the goal of providing hundreds of direly needed mosquito nets to families in rural Nigeria, as well as launching a crucial education program towards alleviation].

The Gala is at Paul Robeson Campus Center, Rutgers University,  350 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Newark, NJ .The purpose of the Malaria Benefit Gala to celebrate the launch of this ambitious project as well as to raise awareness and the much needed funds. All proceeds will go towards this project.

I can't  make the event but for those who can and want to go, you can go to their website for more details http://www.renovatenigeria​.org/page05.html 

That's all from me folks... I'll keep you updated of my 'paroles' in the beautiful city of Montreal!

Till then, be safe!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

~ C'est la vie ~

Hi fam!

Greetings from a foreign city!

There's so much going on that It's extremely difficult to keep updating especially with the lack of a laptop. Thankfully I have now found a charger and I am back in the game.

So my twin and I were supposed to go to Nigeria this summer and rest and maybe work a bit. But generally, just have fun. But plans changed ridiculously and in true Twin fashion. We both got offered summer internships in the same company in Montreal. Don't ask! lol.

So that's what we've been doing... Moving. We sold everything in our house in Ottawa and are thrilled to now be living in an apartment. Who needed ALL that space. So happy now. No need lean extra rooms and all that jazz. We got an apartment in the heart of downtown Montreal for summer and I'm so excited. Down the road from my house is EVERYTHING! Like I can even see the Escada store from my window. Given that Montreal is the Fashion Capital of Canada, I'm extremely excited to what this will mean for my sense of style. The bad part is that only the way to and from work, I pass ALL the stores and invariably, I shop EVERYDAY! The temptation is too great and that "SOLDES" sign is just too tempting. And when I see "Rabais Additionnel", I know there's no turning back. In case you didn't know, Montreal is in the FRENCH-SPEAKING province of Quebec Canada. As such, everything is in french. Nope. I do NOT speak french but that's fine because almost everyone here in bilingual. The movies at the cinema are even ALL in English. I am learning French.

I'm about to buckle up and take the ride of my life in this experience. God has been good and all these blessings are much appreciated.

Oh yea. #TGIF 2moro!

It is the St Catherine's Side Walk Sale this weekend. Streets are literally closed to traffic so that stores can sell things. I shall go mad with shopping. HELP!

I'm definitely taking my Ottawa leap to new heights. My most risque attempt yet. lol. Who needs planking when you can leap. lol 

Yours Truantly,

Friday, July 1, 2011

Blog Awards

Hey all,

Thanks for all the comforting comments on my post and the lovely ones on the previous one. Hugs and kisses to you all.

So the Nigerian Blog Awards is here and what a shocker. For me at least. No. Not that I'm not nominated, just that I don't know MOST if ANY of the blogs on there. And so the main aim of the blog awards has really come to me, publicity of the new blogs on blogger. To be honest, I have stopped reading blogs because most of the ones on my blog roll haven't been updated in about 4 months. Some even a year. I was actually so annoyed that I removed most of them two days ago. Cleaning out and all that. Still have more to go.

So I'm extremely excited at the newness and the refreshing experience that this year's awards will bring. I obviously want to vote and so I will be reading blog after blog to see what the  blogger world has become. I'd be happy to hear recommendations now. And if you comment regularly on my blog, trust that I always go to yours. That's the only way I'm in touch. I'm just too lazy to add new blogs to my blogroll and comment sometimes. Yes you can yell at me to stop being lazy. And don't advise me to just "FOLLOW" a new blog because I don't log into blogger and will  not see any updates. What a complex situation!

With that said, a huge congrats to the bloggers nominated. And feel free to vote for my girl Lohi, for best food blog.

It's CANADA DAY and Prince William and Kate will be downtown today so I may just go to cast a glance. Happy Canada Day and have an awesome weekend.

My brother came from Nigeria to visit and I loved having him around so much. I love him tooooo much. He takes care of my sister and I like mad and treated us like babies during his visit. Love it! Love him. Love you all!!

Yours Truantly,