Monday, August 29, 2011

What a Weekend!

To say this weekend was rough is a gross understatement. With the UN building bomb blast on Friday, Life spiraled out of control for the 3 days following. Early Friday morning, my mum called to assure me that all of them were safe (given that we live in Abuja and my mum works with NGOs in the FCT). Even though I was still saddened by the bombing, I was relieved my family was safe.

That was before I was told that a friend who went to Loyola with me had been in the building at the time and was a victim of the blast. A visitor to the building, doing research on a paper. Imagine how many more were like her?! Entered into the UN building just for a little time to be dealt with this blow?! She was on the floor that the car drove into and miraculously, was the only survivor on her floor. This wasn't to say that things were good. She was terribly injured and in the ICU all weekend long. This was when I saw the strength and solidarity in Nigerians.

Her friends and family prayed non-stop and through media channels, we organized prayer chains and fasting for Member. With about 50 people camped outside the hospital praying and offering comfort and support to the family. I know God was in their midst. Each time we prayed, she got better.

As of Saturday night, we needed blood to be able to transport her to England for surgery because she had started bleeding again. Within 15 minutes of my brother telling me and few others to spread the news that blood donors ( O-positive and O-negative) were needed at the National Hospital, 150 Nigerians in Abuja responded to this request. We had to even beg to tell people that we had enough blood to save her life. I refues to dwell on the fact that the blood in the hospitla shouldnt

With Joy and Gratefulness to God and human kindness, we have been informed that Member has undergone the first part of her surgery and the doctors expect a full recovery.

There is no one else to owe it to but God. And the wonders of social networking. This experience made me angrier at those who knocked down social networks and channels of communication. It was the Blackberry Messages and Tweets that mobilized blood donors to Member and an International Fast.

I have never been prouder of being a believer in God #TeamMightyGod, a student at my high school #TeamLoyola and a part of my circle of friends #TeamMember!

All I can say is that the Lord heard our unanimous cry; there is power in numbers.

I couldn't help but think of all the friends I've lost and how hard I would have fought for them. I am just happy I could help in this case and sincerely thank everyone who contributed to this Miracle. I can only imagine the relief Member's closest friends are feeling. Twitter had kept me pretty informed on that tbh. They are crying tears of joy, finally eating food and attempting to sleep.The praying continues till Member's Full recovery.

And for the new week, I pray for nothing but Good news for all of you! Take care and God bless!

Yours Truantly,

Friday, August 19, 2011

It WAS my birthday

The only thing I hate about time is that it passes by. I can remember so clearly when I turned 19 and became 'Legal' in Canada. I was happy to finally NOT be the one who couldn't go out. Now, 3 years later, I am 22. It sounds so weird to say it 'Twenty Two'. #Bleh! Leaves a bad taste in my mouth even. lol

I turned 22 on Sunday August 14, 2011 and as opposed to our usual over-crowded and busy birthdays, Ifie and I had a very 'sweet' birthday with two of our friends coming from outside Montreal for the weekend and our baby sister (who turned 13 yesterday *wails*). Happy Birthday Debbie the teenager! 

After dessert at 'Juliette et Chocolat', Shopping in the Underground City, Partying in what has to be the 'Black' club that I have ever felt the safest in,  I was already satisfied. How lovely that our birthday was on a Sunday we started off our celebrations at Church where a guest Gospel Performer had been invited. Following this with an 'All-you-can-eat' Indian Lunch at 'the' best Indian Restaurant in Montreal, Le Taj, I must say we had so much Naan bread that I feel like we should have paid even more. lol. Ending the day with cupcakes from 'the' best cupcake store in Montreal 'Le Glaceurs' at the water front, I was beyond content. 

It was so hard to say good bye to our darling Lohi and Toke because the laughs and talks we shared on the weekend were epic. I'm only 7 days into being 22 and I'm already seeing life differently. This birthday, I even responded to EVERY SINGLE message from Facebook, Twitter, BBM and Texts--- it felt amazing. I don't care that people say it's seemingly meaningless. I felt loved and I LOVED replying to each message! as easy as it was for someone to write me a message they could have decided NOT to, so, I feel they deserve a Thanks or Two.

On that note, I say a big Thank you to my parents for 22 amazing years; My siblings for more joy that I can imagine, My extended family for the madness that we have created and continue to create, My Friends for taking me as I am and never failing to point out when I'm being unreasonable.

And the biggest thank you to My Heavenly Father for the opportunities I've been given in life, the mistakes, the blessings, the laughs, the cries, the abilities, the skills, the family, the friends, the fights, the make-ups, the flaws, the fears, the confidence, the joys and the laughter. For things I fail to Thank you for Lord and for 22 years of my life, I say Thank you and I ask that this year be the start of many more things that are guided by Your Hands.

I'm tearing up a bit as I post this because I keep remembering that My friend Uche didn't make it to 22, she would have been 22 on July 22, 2011 but she passed on June 20, 2011. It has taught me not to take anything for granted. 

It really doesn't matter what you do with your life, what matters are the people who are there to share it with you.
Happy End of the Week people and thanks for being a part of my life!!

And no one should call me old or else..... lol... iJoke! iKid!

My first pair of white shorts and I LOVE them

She wears green ALL the time (well cuz it matches her eyes),then lies that it is NOT her favourite colour. *side eye*

A little TOO Dramatic
2 ladies, in 2 pictures at 22!
With Blogger Lohi

Somehow  I thought I had wings

Who says partying is OVER-RATED?
So many more but, I'd rather not have a picture overload! lol

We went to La Ronde yesterday for Debbie's birthday and my body still aches from the roller coaster rides yday. I'll update on the day later! For now, #TGIF and have a Safe weeekend!

Yours Truantly,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

America's Next Top Model ALL STARS??

My heart is racing, I just found out that America's Next Top Model returns with Cycle 17 and this time it's going to be an 'ALL STARS' season. Contestants from the previous Season are back to battle it out. I don't recall if I watched ANTM before Cycle 9, but the only contestants I remember are from Cycle 9 and beyond.

I'm a HUGE fan of ANTM. With the Vogue Italia Upgrade, Tyra has brought in more renowned designers and photographers! Love it!

I have a feeling this season is going to be like  a 'REAL' reality show with drama and cat fights. Why? Well we have really strong personalities mixing in there. The fact that they missed out on winning in their previous seasons will make them want it even more. And this time, we'll skip the amateur posing and get right to the nitty gritty. First Tyra brings, the 'short' model series and now the 'All Stars'? She really does do her Homework. Either that or she has learned from 'So You Think You Can Dance's' All-Star strategy. Who cares? I just want the new season, Can September 14th come already? Sheesh!

Get the full list of Contestants here or here with images

The ones I love and am looking forward to seeing are:

Awkward 'Wide-eyed' Allison

Lovely 'Southern' Laura

Androgynous 'Mutli-persona' Alexandria

Sexy 'Too-Sexy' Sheena

Angry 'Loud' Angelea

In-control 'Fierce' Isis

I'm giddy with excitement!

This time it's not just going to be about photo shoots and runways! It's going to a be WAR!
Not for the faint-hearted.

Yours Truantly,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Isn't it the worst when you NEED to find something to wear and there seems to be nothing at the stores? It's unreal. I was soooooo looking forward to buying something to wear for my birthday and day one of this mission was ridiculously futile. I'm literally just going partying, so I don't even want anything serious. I'm open to anything.

But maybe that's the problem. I don't know what I'm looking for. O_o. I'm just waiting for it to jump at me. Am I being too lazy? I keep thinking of 'Say Yes to the Dress' episodes and thinking I need to narrow down how I want to look. Montreal IS the fashion capital of Canada so maybe, just maybe the problem is with me. lol.

The search continues... I shall delve into the Underground city, muddle through the gorgeous madness and rise like phoenix in Xmen! ( a little too dramatic but you get my point). It's is mid-workweek so I'm thinking a mint-chocolate cupcake to celebrate (looks at waistline) or NOT!

I stole a few pictures from Lohi's camera (which i took hence the poor imagery :-(  *sigh*) of the sushi date with friends. Here goes:

Pardon the silly faces, we tend to NOT take life too seriously.

Yours Truantly,

Monday, August 8, 2011

Something New

It's a new week and I'm ridiculously excited because it's my last week as a meek 21-year old. wooh!
Going to soak in as mush youthfulness as I can this week.

Thinking about the pointy nails I was setting my heart to, I decided not to. Fixing nails will just be me running away from the REAL problem. In this case, my chronic nail-biting. When events pop up, I hide the ugly nails under some acrylic falsity. Now i'm thinking that it's time for me to STOP. I'll admit, it IS an addiction. All too often we're ready to criticise people for smoking, drug abuse, alcoholism, etc. Yes those are more dangerous forms but so many things we do are addictions. I've decided to into nail-biting rehab. I'm already two days sober "nail-free". Let's see how the rest of the week goes. My late friend Uche made it her personal mission to prevent me from biting my nails. After 3 years of slapping my hand away from my mouth, she gave up. Proving even more that biting my nails is an addiction.

On the subject matter of running away, I am now facing the huge dilemma of putting in extensions in time for partying this birthday weekend. It IS Afro-kinky twists and still true to my natural state of hair but it's me once again escaping from the problem of being incapable of taking care of my natural hair. *sigh*. 2 years natural and I'm still incapable of TLC for my hair. It just seems like a LOT to do. I blame all  the online sources of info, tbh, I've stopped going to MOST of them. The incessant hammering of what to or not to do to my hair. The poor thing was growing perfectly before I started experimenting. That's me just shifting responsibility for my shortcomings... pshhh. Anyhoos, I'm back to the basics of washing, conditioning and styling. I'm tossing complexities out. Let's see if I can make it to the weekend.

I'm even thinking something simple like this. My hair is already dyed (with mad roots). A basic blowout; but will it last a whole night of dancing? O_o

Photo from here 

Soooo, now that I've shared mine, are there any problems you are running from or covering up?

I didn't realise the scarf and purse were the same colour! Urgh! I hate matching O_o

Scary Owl on my neck :-D

Yours Truantly,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Can I please make my point?

It's Thursday already!
I must admit I'm excited it's already August because it's my birthday month wooh! On August 14th, 2011 I will be OLD. Well, older than I'd like to be. I wish I could have frozen my age at 19. Or I'd go with popular belief and be "Forever 21". loool. Sorry I just had to, the joke was RIGHT there *hides face*. I am turning, wait for it...22! *confetti bursts into the air*

In the past, I always tried for a BIG birthday occasion but this year, I'm thinking mellow. Maybe it's because I have so much going around that inviting people many to my lovely city will be more heart-ache than anything. There are two of us after all. That's already a crowd. lol

 Something that has caught my attention as a potential look for my birthday is the pointy nail trend. I saw it first on runways, then on my friends and then in Beyonce's run the world video. As an avid nail-biter (don't judge) I'm thinking of some acrylic nails and wondering if I should step into the wild side. Come on, I'm not getting tattoos or piercings, can I just get some dangerous nails. I wonder if I can cut my sugar and cream bread with the nails, would definitely save me some time eating breakfast. *side eye*

Honestly, the thing that bothers me about trends is the tendency to be overwhelming. Packed like a New York Subway train at rush-hour; everyone is squeezing to get on board. Take the color block trend, I was so excited for it, given it was already my style till I saw it stabbed, shot and hung! I'm even scared to color-block now tbh. I drift in and out of till.
Ok, back to Pointy nails!

Do I fall in, or stay out? *sigh* Decisions we have to make. And please don't laugh at my extent of adventure. You are looking at little Miss Paranoia.

And what happens when I have to go to work the next day? O_o

To point or not to point? That IS the question.

Beyonce Video still..they kinda look like tiger claws

Runway fierce but in real life O_o?

This I find a bit subtle and do-able
Not sure what my opinion on this is?

Pictures above from Google images.

Yours Truantly,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Something Blue

If there's one thing this weekend has taught me, it's that you can make plans but God has the Master version

I hate to write long posts but there is no way yo make this any shorter. I apologize if your eyes hurt after a bit but hey it's your girl, bob-ij so you can pop some Advil or Tylenol on my behalf. No?

 This past weekend was a roller coaster. Plans changed so much that there were no plans anymore. It was the Caribana Weekend in Toronto and there was a Naeto C 10/10 concert being hosted by on Sunday 31, 2011. My sister (Ifie) and I happily purchased out tickets ti the event, eager to hear some Nigerian music. Our Ottawa crew was  also going to be there almost in full. What better way to have a reunion than to party hard on the biggest summer weekend in Toronto.

After buying affordable tickets on the Greyhound to Toronto from Montreal, the morning of our deprature, an extremely nice person purchased us $600 tickets to use the train and advised us to discard our bus ticket. (Yes this was real and very unexpected)

My little sister (Debbie) was due to arrrive Toronto on the sunday of the concert from Nigeria. We were really excited about this till my dad called on Saturday morning. The agent (who has bought our tickets several times) assumed the regular plans and purchased my little sister a ticket to Montreal. Given that she's 12 and travelling as an Unaccompanied Minor, my sister and I were the only people listed to pick her up.

So, ifie and I had to say goodbye to a perfectly planned party night on sunday and make our way to Montreal on the first train back. Goodbye to our outfits, a relaxing weekend since Monday was a civic holiday in Ontario and Goodbye to fun in general. The ticket had already been purchased and fees needed to be paid for the transfer. 

SAD and UPSET is an understatement of how we felt. We were so depressed about the change that we went shopping for shoes with our aunt and came back with full hands. 

After hearing the sad news that we will not be partying with them on sunday, a couple of our friends decided to go for sushi and hangout. What was a 6-person reservation, turned into a sushi party of 18 people! The poor host just gave us a separate room. In true Nigerian nature we yelled and even sang some Nigerian commercials tunes.

Hearing everyone try to look for alternate arrangements for ifie and I to stay/ go and come back was heart-warming. Our friend even offered to donate for a plane ticket, another offered his car, another offered to have a friend pick my baby sister up. None of these were feasible but the thoughts made me really emotional. They wanted a complete family and we were the missing link.

The hastened departure meant that I stayed awake till 6:30am putting in braids for my aunt that I initially promised to do before Monday evening. Ifie was helping braid the ends but in true Murphy's Law nature, she felt sick and had to go to bed. 

Three hours later we got into our 9:25am train at 9:23am, we barely made it. Our late arrival then put us on a train that was detaching from an original one straight to Montreal, and went to Ottawa first instead. A 7-hour train ride as opposed to a 5-hour one.

Getting to Montreal we entered a taxi from the train station and when we told the driver we were off to the airport. He took out our luggage and chased us away into a FREE shuttle. 

Already late to the airport, we raced in to find that our sister's flight had been delayed by 2 hours. Giving us and hour and a half waiting time.

That was the last straw. Ifie and I found a bench at the airport and took a long-needed nap. It all was well worth it when I saw my baby sister. I'd do it over and over again. And complain of course, but this is family, this is what I love. There is never a dull moment. I'm hanging tight on this roller-coaster; I scream and then I laugh.

If you were confused at any point in this story or at least flustered, then you have a really tiny taste of how we felt this weekend. So please raise your coffee cups to a stressful and not restful weekend but a lovely week to follow.

Yours Truantly,