Thursday, January 12, 2012

*** This side of things ***

There are many more advantages to moving back to Nigeria than we can measure.

With this Nationwide strike, I've seen one more. The reality of the conditions in Nigeria now that I am here. It is no longer just something on CNN or a post on Linda Ikeji. The broadcasts are no longer just 'another purple message', they are areas I should stay away from, possible dangerous routes that  I should warn my loved ones not to drive in. It is REAL.

I am currently in Abuja and although I went to work on the first days of the strike, CBN advised us not come any more, for our own safety. So now, I'm home, eating and eating, and watching the strike protests in other places and feeling unbelievably sad. In Abuja, things are less critical, and in the evenings people move around. To make it all better, PHCN has given us almost constant electricity, I hope I have not jinxed it.

What I am impressed by, I must say is the solidarity amongst Nigerians. In terms of my opinion on the fuel subsidy removal, I am not entirely against the need to reduce the amount the country is borrowing to ensure a subsidy. I am however, against the implementation (timing, lack of improvement in standard of living; minimum wage and transportation costs). In my opinion, other things have to be ensured before a complete subsidy removal, how about reduce government spending? How about starting with removing 50% of the subsidy and let us see what is being done with those funds and regain our trust.

I am NO EXPERT in Economic Policies, and do not claim to fully understand the subsidy situation as regards to Nigeria. I just want a Nation where the citizens are not resorting to illegal means to ensure their well-being. Where the citizens are not frustrated because they cannot sustain their families or individual needs. Is that too much to ask?

On that note, a Happy New Year to you all and I as hear people say now (which doesnt make sense) Happy Strike! lol I can't wait for people to abbreviate that too i.e. HS. After all, I just learned HML=Happy Married Life and CYDM = Check Your Direct Message! I can not keep up!

I hope every remains safe. We are not strangers to the police brutality and the frivolous killing of innocent citizens as evident in the strike period.

May the Lord be with us all.

Yours Truantly,


Myne Whitman said...

Happy New Year, and happy Strike :)

Funny Nigerians. I hear govt and labor are talking now.

Colette CLayton said...

it is well with Nigeria.

Happy new year...and strike too, lol.

Jennifer Abayowa said...

Happy new year. I agree with your post.

Fragilelooks said...

Babe, happy new year. so u in this town??? Akwaaba