Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fallen to Pieces

I've been in transition more than once in the last 16 months and I never said what my plans are partly because I was afraid to jinx and partly because I felt like things won't go as planned.

September 2011, I got accepted to the University of Bristol for an Msc in Economics, Finance and Management. I started to pay my tuition and was revved to go. But ifie's Three-Year Canadian Work Permit didn't come because even though she applied for both of ours, she attached her Passport Page twice instead of the page and then degree. In true Twin spirit, I refused to go to school without her as the Visa had to be redone. I lost what my dad had paid already in my tuition and moved back for NYSC.

September 2012, I got accepted to and paid in full my tuition to Cranfield University for an MSc in Finance and Management. I applied for my visa from Nigeria and did not get it because the UK Embassy felt had not paid my tuition even though I had receipts. I've never been so irritated by a system before. Apparently, you are required to request for an updated CAS after your tuition has been paid. No one, not even the University gives this information. I only know because my friend has been rejected and compared her CAS with her brother. I haven't applied for a Visa from Nigeria in about 5years and I cannot deal with how we are treated. A lot of people I know have also suffered the same fate with this new Tier 4 Visa system.

Sadly, because of the misdemeanor of our citizens in the UK, the rest of us are subjected to suffocating policies. Our fault too because we need to leave the country to be validated as the creme of the crop when we return to work in the country.

I was depressed for a little bit because once more, my plans fell to pieces once and you can't imagine how hard I prayed for this. There's absolutely nothing I didn't do. But I've come accept everything as fate.

Now, I'm applying to schools in Scotland to attend in January and hopefully, this works fine.

Done with getting upset, excuse my language but Shit Happens; you just have to flush it down the toilet. *Kanye Shrug*

In Other news, I have hopped on the train once more. I'm on instagram : ijay_maduk FIND ME

Yours Truantly,


blogoratti said...

I can't imagine how you must feel about the whole thing. But you know what just keep smiling and thinking positive, and who knows maybe there's something special awaiting you in Scotland, yea.
Much love dimples.

Fauxlox said...

Wow.. story of my life.
Wow... how weird is that.

Sugabelly said...

Oh my goodness. I know you mentioned what happened but you never told me the details. That's really really upsetting.

Feel better k? It will all work out in the end.

ms cookie said...

i pray it all works out:-)

Myne Whitman said...

I hope things work out for you. I think you can reapply too with the updated info.

bob-ij said...

Blogoratti: thanks Hun! Perfect now. I hope there is something extra-special.

Faux lox: loool. Sharing is caring luv. Even sob stories

Sugabelly: my dear. That's the tale. I'm good already. Everyone's had encouraging words and good advice

Ms cookie::: Amen. It shall with God

Myne:::: you can but deadlines have passed to resume. Thanks though

Soraya said...

Aww Ijay i'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you got in Scotland in january.

Best of luck...

NikkiSho said...

I'm glad you are in a happier mood now despite the disappointments. Hope scotland works out smoothly.
Love your hair!

mizchif said...

*Wooooooosh*! Shit flushed!

All the best with your plans moving foward.
Take care love.

leggy said...

you know you can reapply for your visa immediately for the uk?
keep your head up jare. things will get better.
my sister goes to cranfield too.

bob-ij said...

Soraya::: thanks darling!!

Nikkisho::: amen! Thanks darling!!

Mizchif::: how are you darling? Haven't seen you in a bit!!

Leggy::: yes Hun! I know but UK unis have a deadline for the last day you can register which for me has passed. Makes no sense to me tbh since we have a whole year of schooling and it is a Master's programme. Not the same in North America.


Modele said...

u'll be shocked to find out what God has planned for you, as in just wait and see u will be dazzled, but till then just remain thankful and keep the faith alive, God will surely surprise u :-)

NikkiSho said...

Holla! its been a min