Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lolli- POP!

I'm at my skinniest in my twenties. I'm only 23 so I guess that's not a big timeline but whatever. I am.

What's so weird is, in my last months in Canada, I was putting on so much weight and hating all my dresses because my tummy was sticking out for the first time ever. I came home and everyone goes "Ijay, you've ADDED" After a little bit I forgot about it.

But now somehow, I've stopped eating, unconsciously. Food just doesn't appeal to me. So now I'm quite skinny. My waist is at its smallest 24.5" and I'm at 119 pounds! Release the confetti. So excited. At least I was till I realised that Nigerian men HATE skinny. One of my male friends goes, "Ijay, why is your thigh so small" O_o Wow! I was stunned and looked around, my friends all have hips and bottoms.

I went to visit my baby sister and she saw us in a magazine and was so furious. She goes, ' I didnt recognize that you were my sisters? Your heads were so big and your bodies so small?' Yes people, I've fallen into the Lollipop Syndrome. Unintentionally, I am one of those girls.... I guess it hit me when I put one of the few trousers I have. The one that makes me look amayzzing. I was a little conscious about the small pouch showing in the high waist trousers. I put it on a  few days and I was swimming in it. :-(

Let's just say Operation Skinny Bitch is over and I'm now in Operation Banging Body!!

Have an amazing week people and let's hope for many amazing things

Yours Truantly, 


Sugabelly said...

I actually think you look really good, but i know what you mean about Nigerian men. Especially the ones who are mainly based in Nigeria or have never left Nigeria. I think in Abuja skinny girls get a lot of love, and having gained a lot of weight in school, i've felt insecure about my weight for a while now.

Total 180 when I went to Kogi. I couldn't fight the men off me.

Personally i'd rather be skinny and have Lollipop syndrome. Gaining weight will NEVER be as difficult as losing weight once you've gained a certain amount.

Myne Whitman said...

Just enjoy the body you're in. You look great!

Anonymous said...

Please do share your food regimen for team banging body! Lol xx

mizchif said...

First off, you look fab.

Somehow i've been disappering myself, not by any concious effort, just work stress i guess. But i miss my butt, so yea it's back to eating well and working out a.k.a Operation banging body. lol.

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Anonymous said...

Me I think that your butt has multiplied sha.... HOW?... I need help in that department. TELL ME HOW. lool!

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