Tuesday, May 22, 2012

~~~ Racing to the Red ~~~

*cue Chris Brown's 'Beautiful People'*

I can't believe I haven't blogged in ages. Feels like I'm a convertible with the top down, driving really fast on Ahmadu Bello Way. You can't even understand it till you come to this country, The Internet loses its appeal.... When real life is so full of RIDICULOSITY! It's unreal....

It's so funny how the people around you affect you.  I have changed so much in so many ways than I can ever explain, I'm happier, less impatient, funnier *ahem* *clears throat*...My wit is at 100% and I love. it. There's nothing better than making the people around you happy. Surround yourself with love and you will be dishing a whole lot of it!

In the spirit of change, I made a big change. Did my first ever non-black weave. I was so certain that CBN folks would send me back right from the gate but it did not happen! Let's just say I was tapping into my inner Old-School Rihanna but couldn't go all the way with the red!

What do you think???

~~~ Peace, Love and Friendship ~~~

Yours Truantly,