Thursday, February 7, 2013

~ Few Good Moves ~

Live in the moment
But know it will not last
And when the scales fall
Your future will meet your past
~ Ijay

I made a lot of bad decisions in 2012, from small ones to big ones. But the thing about mistakes is to learn from them. I'm making brand new good decisions this year. Making major life changes in the little and big things. I'm my very own Picasso, painting my OWN self-portrait. One of these decisions is the common sense to wear a hat. I'm sure everyone thinks it's trend....*looks away* Sadly, now some of them will know the truth. With my weave, my hair is out in the side part and with this unpredictable Dundee weather, when I leave home, my hair is straight and blending with the weave but once I return I have an afro. The ugly bit is the fact that the weave is still wavy and curled but there's a bunched up MESS is the part. Horrible.  Not a good look for a *ahem* Master's Student. So in the spirit of good decisions, I almost always wear hat to hide the texture variation. In one hour in Dundee, it's wamr and bright, rainy, then snowing and then hail starts to attack. My Naps canNOT deal and I will not subject her to this torture.

Yes I went into the store and bought every colour of hat I saw. I love the French Look!
Not sure when I'll be ready to rock my fro. Maybe when the weather isn't PMS-ing!

Le Twin is now in Aberdeen and since the train passes almost right by my room, let's just say NOTHING can keep us apart. LOOOL! Yes it is the first time we are not in the same city for a period longer than 3 months (My exchange in 2009)
Peace, Love and Success!
Yours Truantly,


Sugabelly said...

You look great! How is school??

Fragilelooks said...

Great Look.

Myne Whitman said...

The hat suits you.

BTW, why travel, don't you and your twin have telepathy? Joking :)

bob-ij said...

Sugabelly :::: Thanks dear! Not bad. So far so good. Fingers crossed for the rest of the year

Fragilelooks::: Thanks!

Myne::: haha! nice one! My brother always lied to people that we had that. I wish! Maybe we do to an extent because she always calls me when I'm shopping and I'm NOT supposed to be and she knows without me saying that I am indeed!, SHOPPING! lool