Thursday, February 28, 2013

Guess Who came to Town??

Le Twin!

Ifie was over last weekend. Her first time in Dundee while I've been to Aberdeen twice. Yup! I'm winning. Her room is like a match box and when she came here, she almost wanted to switch schools (I exaggerate, I know). She said I was at a 'resort' while she was in 'prison'. The most hilarious... And Dundee is really modern compared to Vintage Aberdeen. Yes, a lot of Nigerians in Aberdeen and Dundee but apparently Somehow that weekend, there was a Flava (Afrobeat) Night at our Student Union. Nigerian MUSIC!!! Yes, Wizkid's Samba....I was in Music Heaven Woop!

Amidst the loud music, Ifie yelled, "ijay, It feels like I'm in Play. This feels like Abuja." I can't argue with her. I was so proud of Dundee. In the words of my friends 'Dundee came ALIVE'. As I pride myself on trying a new reclusive personality, I realised I failed miserably. I know my fair share of people here. It certainly helped that I came in with a new face, Light-Skinned girl with Green Eyes RED Lipstick, the Nigerian Man's dream.

Things are definitely looking up, and my back is finally not aching anymore from all the dancing. I must have done Azonto, Kokoma and Antenna to every single song.

Ifie came in her Aberdeen sweatshirt so I ran and bought a Dundee one...It's always a light-hearted battle for us. #TeamDundee VS #TeamAberdeen

And we got matching rings for Valentine's. Yes a couple of weeks late. Judge NOT!
We've totally embraced that our styles are completely different. Well that and Ifie refused to let me wear the same dress. She goes "Why? Are we twins?" Umm.. Someone please Send her the memo!
I'm such a different person here. So people who only know me from class couldn't hide their surprise. If only they knew. One said to me, "Ijay, Na you dance pass that day" .... haha! They ain't see nothing. But I wont show them. *shrug*

Yours Truantly,


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Missy Tee's said...

Go Ij. Enjoy Dundee and Ifie- enjoy Aberdeen.
Lol at competition and I won't show them. My dear show your colour and act like you didn't do anything!!! :-)


mizchif said...

Cuteness. Looks like a lot of fun was had.