Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"The Creative Winds of Destruction"

At this stage in my life I have an idea of where I want to be. May not know the exact office and desk but what industry I want to be in and in what capacity.

My fear with my career ambition is whether or not it will curb my ability to express my creativity in other aspects of my life. Since 2011, being out of school, I didn't think too much about the determined Ijay. But now I'm back, there's so much I want to do professionally and thoughts about other things lie in the back burner.

I know I'm not the only person struggling to reconcile the different 'whats' that I love to do. That's why we have people with 9 to 5 jobs doing otherwise. And let's be honest, a 9 to 5 job in Nigeria will hardly give the lifestyle you want. Well the lifestyle I want. So we're getting creative, opening fashion houses, blogging, illustrating, cupcakery, event planing. Making a living from different things. That's why it annoys me each time I read the typical Nigerian commenters' phrase "Everybody now wants to be ...." So what if everyone wants to try their hand at something others are already working on. Maybe, just maybe they can do better.

That's why I'm so impressed by the Youth Awards I see featured on Bella Naija and the likes, where bloggers and TV and Radio personalities speak.

I feel like we are a part of a generation so liberated and boundless that we want to fly not even run with all our amazing ideas. Someone told me that once when your attention is divided; no one of your ventures has your 100% commitment. Mathematically, it makes sense. But maybe just maybe we are capable of multi-tasking to the point that we can do all things we want to. And maybe 100% is not what each of them need to succeed better than others in our field. Maybe my 60% is equivalent to someone else's 100%.

Maybe we need to say to ourselves, "I can, but SHOULD I?"

Maybe it's wishful thinking.

Maybe I'll only be one thing.

Maybe our generation will change the face of the labor force.

Maybe we'll do too much at a time and our industries will be saturated with sub-standard companies.

Maybe, just Maybe we are riding our very own Creative Winds to the point of Our Destruction

Yours Truantly, 


Sugabelly said...

Honestly, if you want to do something just go for it. I know I've regretted not doing a lot of things I wanted to do, so just do it.

Anita Ehui said...

I was just thinking about this exact topic its good to know that I am not alone on this issue! I think my problem is with spreading myself too thin when multitasking in the name of "ambition". Now things that were once fun and exciting have turned stressful and unenjoyable and it makes me second guess what my intentions are... Anyways great post! Definitely something I needed to read!

Ladi Utah Afropolitan said...

Tell me about this. I think all of us face this dilemma when living in Nigeria.

NYSC pay (even at CBN) was almost pathetic- as you know. I had to start my cupcake gig (albeit lack of quality ingredients and NEPA wahala) which 'everybody' else was doing at the time but I had to spread myself thin order not to become an Aristo, HAha!

Great thing about Nigeria is that you can have a 9 to 5 and still pursue other interests and see which one fits whether events, makeup, cupcakes, fashion etc.

That's something I CAN'T do being back in America.

mizchif said...

Love this post.

Although i'm one of those who sometimes scoffs at the "bandwagonism" of the times where everyone is either a photog this yr, then a stylist the next but ah each his own.

bob-ij said...

Sugabelly :::: The problem is wanting to do too many things.

Anita :::: lool! I know exactly how you feel. Too bad I can't recommend anything! I haven't been able to figure it out.

Ladi :::: The beauty of the Nigerian life for sure. Forget that abroad.

Mizchif:::: It's a ying and yang situation. Two sides to this coin. Good and bad. Well whatever happens will. What can we do? Hope you're doing good babe!


Ladi Utah Afropolitan said...

What is happening to Dionne Mauve?

Lohi said...

Oh amoeji ya still blogging??? Where have I been :( lol!

bob-ij said...

Ladi::: Working on back door things now. So the next entry is the final one to stay. My mobility is making the process longer. But It's going to be re-branded Dione Mauve. I'm excited. Life just interrupts!

Lohi::: Where have you been??


Anonymous said...

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