Tuesday, March 19, 2013

~ Same Wig , Different Way ~

With the longest, most oval head in the history of my family and friends, I pride myself in the range of hair-dos that suit me. From an Afro to Dreadlocks to straight weaves to curly weaves to side part so center part to bangs! Bring it on and I'd rock it.

Imagine my shock then when I got shipped my wig with bangs and didn't like the bangs look anymore. I guess with Natural hair I always put on weaves with bangs when my hair was short because there was no logical way to make it work. I'm not particularly a fan of the random side closure sans bangs. To be fair my hair stylist made this wig in my absence and cut the bangs a little too short and you know with bangs it's a hit or miss!

The first day I wore the wig, I threw on a hat, which made it look better but I felt like a clown. One of my friends said I was ON my Nicki Minaj. But I felt choked, like my entire face was being swallowed. Instead of studying at the library, all day, I looked for videos on Youtube on how to make short bangs work. Nothing was helping. I got to my room semi-defeated that I'd have to rock this wig another couple of days and then find someone to put in a weave on the weekend. Then Eureka! It hit me. My hair is NOW long enough, how about I make it an extension of the bangs. Yea....that didn't work. So in playing around, I swept the bangs the side, pulled the wig further backwards on my head and curled my hair OVER the bangs and Voila! The wig was transformed. In my tiny room , I promise I did every dance known to man.



So I thought I'd share because, there's nothing as frustrating as something almost being perfect. Looks like a weave will have to wait! I'll be rocking this wig for a couple of weeks and taking care of my naps underneath!

All this advise I'm giving lately, someone give me a column... "Ask Lady Ij" lol...

Peace, Love and Wig Styling!

Yours Truantly,


Anonymous said...

This b, you and your never ending experiments
I am sure they are very helpful to a lot of people
Well done. I only wish I was a daredevil when it comes to hair... oh well. I have burnt myself several times trying to style my hair myself that I have given up...lol.

Anonymous said...
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Missy Tee's said...

Uhm Ij?! blog soon!!

Missy Tee's said...

IJ! Trust you are doing well! Come back soon